Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Random iPhone Picture Dump

Just a few random pictures from our last few weeks.  (If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen a few of these.)

This girl either loves having her picture taken or hates it.  She got a "Daddy Cookie" (what she calls those little sugar wafer cookies) as a treat last week, and had to have her picture taken with it.

Showing off her latest accessories.

The queen loves anything moving!  She's really into shows about trains and construction gear right now.

How much are y'all loving this fall weather?  I had to document this temperature - it rarely gets this cold here in the fall!

Another time she had to have her picture taken.  The reason?  "I look soooo fancy."

I love Hardy, I do...but he can be so strange sometimes.  This is from last weekend, when he chose to stare at me, non-stop, for 30 minutes.

This is our before-nap ritual.  Emmie watches TV on my lap.  So sweet. :)

We have a local zoo that we never go to for some reason...I fixed that last weekend!  She had so much fun.  When we got to the monkey cage, she insisted on getting in with them.  (See this post.)

Riding the pony at the circus last week!  We thought we were being the "fun parents"...little did we know she had literally ridden a pony 12 hours earlier at school.  She didn't say a word to us about it.

Such a stinker. :)

I mentioned a week or so ago that she normally needs a few minutes to wake up on her own before I go get her...well, apparently I had old Christmas cards stored in her room, and she felt the need to give them back on day last week.

Daddy brought her flowers last night, and she had to get a picture with me and the "geen ones." :)

Happy Tuesday friends!