Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Happenings

We're running a day ahead of everybody else for Halloween!  Our little town did trick-or-treating last night because of the high school football game tonight (like I said, small town).  So we just kind of bumped everything up a day!

Tuesday night consisted of a little bit of pumpkin carving.

Ok, so I've done the fancy carving in the past.  It's fun and all, but it just didn't happen this year.  We had a very toddler-themed carving party this year.  Emmie was in her Halloween PJ's and she got to pick out the features of the Jack-O-Lantern based on what shapes she wanted to see.

For the eyes, she (originally) wanted squares, for the nose she picked a triangle, and by that point, an impatient Mommy picked a crescent for the mouth. :)

After we were done, she decided she wanted her pumpkin to wear an eye patch like a pirate.

So, this is what we ended up with.  This will not go down as my finest work of art, but she loved it, and that's what matters.  And we painted the other pumpkin the next pictures of her in the act, but this was the final result!

On Wednesday, we went to our local Zoo Boo!  

This was the debut of Peck!  For about two months now, she has been very (very) adamant that she was going to be Peck, I was going to be Sheriff Callie, and Noah was going to be Toby.  Like, there was no deviating from this...her mind was made up.  After figuring out that none of these characters had pre-made costumes out, I had to get a little creative!  I got a couple of good tips on Instagram after I posed the "how in the heck do I put these costumes together?" question, and after a couple of weeks of work, they came together.

I honestly don't have too many pictures from this was really dark in there, and when my child wasn't running from line to line, she wasn't really in the mood for pictures.

This is the only time you'll see the red makeup though.  She wasn't a fan.  (Neither was I after I realized it dyed her skin and hair red.)

Thursday morning, Emmie had her first class Halloween party! Lots of good food and cute kiddos. It was kind of strange I be on the other side of the class holiday parties after years of teaching!

We love her teachers! (This is Emmie's "Mommy is making me smile" face.)

Last night was the big event!  I don't think she really remembered trick-or-treating last year, so this was a big deal to her.

She was much more worried about getting out there and trick-or-treating than smiling for a picture. :)

And we're off!  She was much happier once she starting getting candy (aren't we all)?

When did my child turn 16???

After about an hour of trick-or-treating, we headed back and helped the grandparents hand out candy.

Very fun, very busy week...I believe it will be a low-key weekend after all of this fun!