Friday, October 17, 2014

Five on Friday


I just love date nights with this guy.  We had a rare date day last Saturday - there was sushi, shopping, and a great meal with friends that night.  It was amazing!  Definitely what I needed to recharge the batteries.

Then, on Sunday, we had the opportunity to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday!  She didn't know that the grandkids were going to be there, so it was a fun surprise for her.  We ate cake & opened presents (with the help of a certain 2 year old).  You really wouldn't know she's 90 - she's still as sharp as a tack.  We're blessed to still have her around (and it's nice to know I've got those genes! :)).


I should really get help for this pumpkin obsession.  I made it home with 4 (FOUR) bottles of pumpkin soap from Bath & Body Works yesterday.  Not to mention to pumpkin car air freshener that made its way into my bag.  Whoops.

(PS - both are on sale - the soaps are 5/$18 and the Scentportables are B3G1. You're welcome.)


How much are y'all loving this weather?  It was a little stormy here Monday, but it's been gorgeous ever since.

My friend Brandy and I took advantage of the gorgeous day (and a day out of school) and took the kids to the New Orleans Zoo Tuesday!  They had a blast.


Ok, so I never jumped aboard the Toms train until this week.  UM, WHERE HAVE I BEEN?? They might be the most comfortable shoes on the planet...and to compete with my beloved Rainbows, that's saying something.  And I just love that this pair has red elephants on the inside. :)

I got an email yesterday that they're having a surprise sale that ends today (this is a different site than the main Toms site).  The prices on this site are already marked down, but you can use the code SURPRISEGIFT for an extra 5% off!


If I allowed myself to, I really think I could go through a pack of this stuff a day.  It is insanely good with crackers.  I could do this for lunch for the rest of my life!  Just a warning - it's a little on the spicy side.

TGIF!!  Linking up with these lovely ladies today.

**Update: I'm adding a #6 (just because I can)...noticed this awesome deal on kids Hunters when I was browsing this morning, and wanted to let y'all know.  If you're been waiting to snag a pair, now's the time!