Friday, September 5, 2014

Back to School Favorites

Back to School Favorites - great list of items for back-to-school with a preschooler or a toddler!

Ok, I'll admit...I'm a total newb when it comes to this "having a child in school" thing.  I was on the teacher side of it for years, and to be honest, it's still kind of weird to be on the parent side.  But we're learning what works for us, even if it is slowly.

Over the past few weeks, I've realized a few things we absolutely love having for school!  Here are a few of our Back to School Favorites.

Pink Swirl Monogrammed Backpack - We bought the toddler version of this from Crystal Faye, and I couldn't be happier.  It's the perfect size for Emma Ramey (she's a bigger-than-average 2 year old) and holds folders, extra clothes, etc...basically anything a toddler would need for school.

Wet Bag - Let's say your child's teacher needed to send home wet clothes.  This is perfect for that.  I don't think I need to explain myself any further.

Snack Cups - Neither Emma Ramey nor I am a morning person.  So, more times than not, we're running late, which makes breakfast kind of tough.  Not saying I've never shoved a Pop Tart in her hand and called it a day, but having these allows me to at least give her something healthy in the car without it spilling everywhere.  We loved these before, but they're especially useful now!

Durable Toddler Sneakers - So, one of those newbie mom things - I had no idea they had to wear closed-toe shoes to school.  She's lived in sandals this summer, so we literally didn't have a pair that fit her.  I picked these up as a last-minute thing at Walmart, and we both love them!  I'm not big on spending money on shoes she's going to outgrow, but I also want something durable.  You can't beat these for ten bucks.  Plus, she constantly asks to wear her "Arial Shoes" now.

School File Box - I'm trying to stay organized with the bajillion papers that come home from this is my solution.  I have a file for her work, a file for notes, and a file for invoices.

The Night Before Preschool - I think this is a really cute tradition to start - read this book the night before the first day of school.  They also have it for Kindergarten, and there's another version for just regular ol' school.  And, as I'm writing this, this book is a little over $2 on Amazon.  Can't beat that!

School Envelopes - I first became acquainted with the awesomeness of these when I was teaching.  They're perfect for sending money or notes to the teacher.  (And I'm pretty sure the very nice etsy shop owner I'm featuring has absolutely no clue who I am - I just thought these were cute!)

Any other favorites I'm missing?