Friday, September 26, 2014

2.5 Years

Emma Ramey,

You are two and a half today!  It feels weird that we're almost to 3 years old...that sounds so old.  You are such a little person now, and I'm so proud that I get to watch you learn and grow every single day!

Here's what you're up to at two and a half.


As of yesterday, you weigh 35.2 the 95th percentile for weight!


You are 37.5 inches tall now.  That's in the 85th percentile for height.

Clothing Size:

In some things you wear 3t (mostly pants), and in some things you wear 4t (mostly shirts).  Yes, that's right- my two year old is wearing lots of 4t now. :)  I learned a long time ago to not buy too far ahead for you - there's no telling how big you're going to be in any given season.

You're still wearing a size 8 shoe, but they're getting kind of snug.


Almost nonexistent now!  You were wearing diapers only to preschool up until a few days ago, when your teacher told me you've been using the potty there for a couple of weeks now. :)  I was beginning to wonder why I never had to replace the diapers in your backpack.  So you're now only in diapers at nap and nighttime.  You wear a size 5 diaper when you do use them.


You eat 3 normal meals a day, although you'd just eat snacks all day if I let you.  You are such a grazer!  Your favorites are fruits, pasta, and cheese.  You absolutely hate any kind of sauce...we learned quickly to never order foods with condiments on them or you wouldn't eat it.  Not sure where you get that from...I don't think I can eat a meal without some kind of dipping sauce (no, really).  You also love milk still!


You still have gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes!  I'm expecting the hair to change in the next couple of years...your Daddy's hair was blonde until he was 4 or 5.

You have lots of curls that make me never want to cut your hair for fear they'd go away.  I seriously have hair envy.  You'll only let me put a bow in your hair to keep it out of your eyes - for some reason, you're absolutely opposed to wearing it in a ponytail!


Knock on wood...still great.  I was a little fearful you would stop napping when we started school, but you still take a 2-3 hour nap every day, usually from around 2-5 in the afternoon.  Your bedtime is 8-8:30 at night, and you usually sleep until about 8 in the morning.  When you wake up, you always need a little bit of "me time"...if I go in to get you too quickly, you're kind of grumpy, so I always let you wake up and play by yourself for a few minutes!

Fun Stuff:

You love anything related to travel right now - cars, trucks, airplanes, fire trucks, etc.  You got a little car set a few weeks ago that you play with all the time!

You're still such a water baby.  You take it as a personal insult if we skip your nighttime bath - and you let us know you're offended.  We play in your water table almost every day.  And we're trying to squeeze a few more pool days in before it gets too cold - you love it so much!

You can absolutely melt our heart now (you've always been able to - now you can vocalize it).  A few of your favorite sayings...

"I love you all day."
"You're back, Mommy!" (If you've been at school or away from me.)
"I just want Mommy." (Again, if I've been gone, it's all she will say for a few minutes after I get back.)

You love reading.  You bring us books all the time to read.  Your favorite books are your Disney princess books, Elmo books, your Paw Patrol book, and anything Mickey Mouse-related.

You're earning your nickname of Monkey lately.  You climb all over us, the furniture...everything really.  You're so funny too - we tell you when you're being "monkey-like" that it's time to take you to the zoo and live with the monkeys, so when you're being silly now, you'll say, "Let's go to the zoo!"  And if Daddy is being silly, you'll tell him he's a monkey and needs to live at the zoo.

You absolutely love school.  It's been so great for you to be around other boys and girls your age, and you barely notice that I've left in the mornings now!

You and your daddy have the sweetest relationship.  He's definitely your go-to if you want to play.  Every night when I walk Hardy, the two of your are "hiding" from me behind a pillow on the couch, and I have to find you.  It's so cute!

You are really, really funny.  You crack Daddy & me up all the time.  I think it's because you're just so honest about everything - I love hearing your take on the world.

We love you so much!  Happy half birthday!