Friday, August 15, 2014

Random Notes From Our Week (Plus a Giveaway!)

-The biggest news of the week: my sister in law is pregnant, and it's a boy!  We are so excited to have the first Lambert boy of this generation in January!

-We've really just enjoyed the laziness of this week.  Emmie starts school next week, so we've done a whole lot of nothing.  Lots of pool days and lazy mornings watching cartoons in pajamas.  And really driving home the whole potty training day.  A mini update on that:  she's really doing great.  I'm not going to say she doesn't have any accidents - she does.  But she's usually very aware that she needs to go and makes a big deal out of telling me.

-Noah and I are headed to Tuscaloosa today to take care of some things with our condo. Some of y'all may remember - we have a condo that we initially lived in, but turned into a rental property when we found our Tuscaloosa home. We're not really in a place where we'd like to sell it, so we continue to rent it out for people that have a temporary job in Tuscaloosa, are in town to help their kids with something college-related, or gamedays. We've needed to head up there to get everything ready for football season anyway, and we just happened to need a cleaner for this weekend.

The only advantage is that I get Taco Casa. I'm pretty pumped about that. :) But besides that, owning a rental (when you're 3 hours away) is not for sissies. It's a lot of hard work!

-Speaking of houses, we're starting to look for one for next year. Our lease isn't up on the apartment until January, but the family-oriented (non-college) rentals around here go quickly.  I've become a Craigslist-scouring fool the past few weeks.

-Ok, y'all know how I was telling you about my love for the JCrew Factory site last week?  I found a great coupon through yesterday - spend $25 or more and get 20% cash back! Once you get to the site, go to "Card Linked Offers" at the top, and scroll down a little to find the deal.

-The beginning of the school year is always a little weird for me.  I spent so many years going into a new school year, either as a student or a teacher.  Now I'm a parent - and that's the weirdest part.  But to not be stressed out/exhausted this time of year is still just a little different.

I wrote my feelings about not teaching here.  I see so many teachers turned stay-at-home-moms that long for the classroom this

  It might happen for me down the road, but honestly?  I don't miss it one bit right now.  I am so thankful I had the opportunity to take my new "job" - I couldn't have crafted it better if I tried.

-Emmie and I got in on some mother/daughter mani action this week!

Sweet Sarah with Jamberry Nails offered to let us try a sheet of nail wraps...they are so fun and easy to use!

All you do is heat a wrap with a hair dryer for a few seconds and stick it on...

...cut it down to size...

...and file it into shape.  Easy peasy!

Mine was the Regular-sized Orchid Skinny Set, and Emma Ramey had a Jamberry Junior Orchid Skinny & Garden.  We even had enough of hers left over to do her toes!

This is such a cute, easy way to give yourself a fun nail look.  I'm so glad Sarah introduced it to us! All of her wraps are buy 3, get 1 free - great deal, especially if you have a little girl's toesies to make pretty too. :)

You have the chance to win your own sheet of Jamberry Nail Wraps!  Enter with the Giveaway Tools widget below.  I'll turn off entries next Friday night (8/22), and pick a winner Saturday.

Good luck!

-And I'll leave you with this.  Because I know I'm partial, but I swear this little girl gets prettier every day.

Happy Friday!