Tuesday, August 5, 2014

History Repeating Itself

I think that one of my favorite parts of being a parent is watching history repeat itself. We tend to do the fun things from our childhood all over again - but, this time, our children are in the lead role.

Take family beach trips for example.  These are among my fondest childhood memories.  The lazy days in the sand, the thrown-together turkey sandwiches for lunch, the smell of sunscreen, the feeling of saltwater in your eyes.

Nowadays, I'm experiencing those things all over again, just like I did as a child.  But, dare I say it?  Experiencing them while getting to see my little girl experience them for the first time might be even better than my first go-round.

I'm getting to watch her develop those cherished memories and learn to love these things for the very first time.  I get to see how much she loves splashing in the water and floating in the pool.

I also get to see how much she hates having sand on her and how she doesn't like the feeling of sunscreen. But that's part of it too.  Watching her and helping her develop those likes and dislikes is just part of the job.  And I love that part of the job.

Watching Noah be a Daddy to her, just like my Daddy was to me, is also one of my most treasured aspects of being a parent.  I vividly remember waking up on Saturday mornings to cook breakfast with my Dad.  So, you can imagine how great it is to watch Emmie and her Daddy work together the same way, just 28 years later.

They have their own little way in the kitchen - and it's mostly Daddy doing the busy work while Emmie supervises. :)  An all too familiar set-up, if I remember correctly.  But they work together wonderfully, and more importantly, they're building those memories that Emmie will have for the rest of her life.

I am so thankful that I had such a memory-filled childhood to treasure forever.  But I am also thankful that I'm able to build the same memories for my child.  How special is it that we get to go through similar experiences, a generation apart?

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