Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Six Days of Beachin'

We're just getting back from our beach vacation for this year!  We went to Orange Beach, AL for six glorious days.  Here's the "cliff's notes" version of our trip!

Get ready for a picture overload - apparently I was mama paparazzi.

Day 1

Happy birthday Supe!  Our first day at the beach was my father-in-law's birthday.  We celebrated with a little bit of Japanese.  Emmie's Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin Avery arrived late that night.

Day 2

We ventured out on the boat to try a fun place - Pirate's Cove.  It's a little dive restaurant that serves cheeseburgers (they claim to be the original "Cheeseburger in Paradise"), pizza, etc.

They're right on the beach, so the girls had a great time playing while we ate.

Day 3

Nana stayed behind to keep Emmie while a few of the adults got out for some fishing time!

The water was insanely beautiful that day - perfect weather for fishing.  We didn't really catch all that much, but being out on the water totally made up for that.

Day 4

The boys of the family took the boat out for some more fishing, while the girls stayed behind to play at the pool.

If I ever needed any more proof that my child is a water baby, this week was it.  She would have stayed in the pool the whole trip if we had let her.

(And apparently she likes drinking it too.)

These cousins had so much fun together!

We played for a bit, then headed upstairs for lunch and a nap.  Of course we had the best helpers to get us back to the room.

That night, Noah and I headed out to celebrate his last night of being a 20-something.  He had been wanting to try The Gulf, a fun restaurant not far from where we were staying.  It's literally made out of shipping crates, and is right on the water.

Everything they make is so fresh and insanely good.  We had the grouper sandwich, calamari salad, and hummus.  Yum!

Day 5

Noah's birthday/4th of July!

After a little bit of pool time that morning, we really were kind of lazy for most of the day.

The big story from that morning was tanking a couple of toddlers up on brownies.

We watched a little bit of soccer...

And Noah opened presents! (With two lovely assistants, of course.)

There isn't coffee in there, I swear.

That night, we put on our most patriotic outfits and celebrated the day.

We had cake (that was apparently hijacked by a couple of babies before the picture was taken).

Emmie enjoyed said cake.

In what was probably my favorite part of the whole vacation, the whole family went out on the boat that night to watch fireworks!

This was Emmie's first real experience watching fireworks, and she loved them.  She kept on saying that they looked like a "ferris wheel" (one of her current obsessions).

This was such a fun day of the trip!

Day 6

We had a whole day of swimming for our last day.

And when I say swimming, I mean swimming.  Even though she had her float on the whole time, this girl is really getting the hang of moving her legs/arms to swim!  I see swim lessons in our near future.

We got in one last seafood meal that night.

The girls were able to play at the restaurant, which they loved.  (By the way - who's the genius that thought of having a playground at a restaurant?)

What a fun week!