Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Our Weekend Away

We spent the majority of our 3-Day weekend traveling!

Last Wednesday, Noah asked me if I wanted to take an overnight date night Thursday.  Um, duh.  So we took a quick overnight date to Biloxi Thursday night!

We ate at a fun Italian place and tried our hand at a little bit of black jack...and just like always, didn't do so well.  It was fun though.  With Noah working long hours during the week, we don't always get quality time with just each other anymore, so this was nice!

We've had a weekend trip to New Orleans planned for a month or so.  Emmie is so into trains and animals right now, so we thought it would be great for her to visit the aquarium and ride the trolley.

Of course we had to stop for a little bit of a cajun food fix as soon as we got there.  This place is right off Bourbon Street, and has such good food and a fun, kind of retro atmosphere!

The aquarium was our next stop.

This girl had a blast!  She's been asking to go see the "fishies" ever since we left.  We loved it so much that we bought annual passes to the aquarium, insectarium, and zoo in New Orleans while we were there.  I see lots of animal-themed weekends in our future!

It was a hot (HOT) day, so snow cones were on the agenda next.

While Emmie rested at the hotel with the grandparents, Noah and I tried a place we've been wanting to go for awhile.  John Besh has a restaurant called Borgne in New Orleans...I told Noah that, if they made a restaurant based around him, this would be it.  Modern but very coastal inside, and they served all kinds of yummy takes on seafood.  We went for their afternoon tapas menu and loved it so much...

...that we went back that night!  Y'all wouldn't even believe how great the food was.  If you're a seafood kind of person, GO.  And even if not, try the steak - it was the surprise favorite of the whole table (we honestly just passed around plates the whole time).  Emmie tried her first oyster at this meal and loved them!

After dinner, we ventured out on the trolley for a little bit of Cafe Du Monde.

Emmie was a big fan.  They were slam packed at 9:00 at night...crazy!  But you really can't beat it.

The next day, we rode the trolley a little bit more...

...and visited the French Market!  There is always so much to see down there.  Thanks to my dad's recommendation, we stopped by Central Grocery for the first time - such cool things there.  If you're a food lover, go by and see all of the cool/weird/unique items they carry.

This girl got to get one treat in the French Market, and she chose this lollipop.  Of which she took about 4 bites and left it to me to clean up the sticky nasty mess. :)

Before leaving town, we ate at Palace Cafe, probably my favorite restaurant in all of New Orleans.  Can you tell that half of the reason we go here is the food? :) It didn't disappoint either!  We had to sit on the patio, but it was actually kind of fun to people watch out there.

We can't wait for our next trip!  Hopefully it will be a little bit cooler and less crowded so we can go to the zoo very soon.