Tuesday, July 15, 2014

29 on my 29th

Today's my 29th birthday!  To commemorate, I thought I'd share 29 facts people might not know about me:

1.  I sleep with one knee almost completely up to my chest.  I started doing it during pregnancy so I could pseudo-sleep on my stomach, and just never stopped.

2.  My perfect meal would be white cheese dip, restaurant salsa, guacamole, chips, and sushi (not all together).  I could seriously eat this every meal and be just fine with it.

3.  I have a bad habit of wrinkling my eyebrows when I'm concentrating or staring at something.  Emma Ramey definitely inherited it too - I catch her doing it all the time.

4.  I am kind of smell obsessed in my house.  I go through Walmart wax cubes like they're going out of style.  Noah, on the other hand, is not smell obsessed - a little bit of a conflict. :)

5.  I can't say the word "tour."  My mouth just doesn't work that way - it always sounds awkward.

6.  I have an innate ability to block sounds out.  It's pretty convenient when Emmie is watching the same episode of Bubble Guppies for the 8th time.  Not so much when Noah's trying to tell me something and I'm distracted.  I miss many, many things he says because of it.

7.  I am absolutely, totally terrified of sharks.

8.  I had strep throat once a month for about 2 years of my childhood.

9.  I am a total night owl.  If I don't make myself go to bed, my natural schedule is to stay up until 1 or 2 and wake up about 9.

10.  I saw Michael Jackson in person one time, just a few feet away from me, at a shop in Universal Studios Orlando.

11. Until last fall, I had lived in the same town my whole life, including college.  So, needless to say, this year has been an adjustment. :)

12.  I have weird claustrophobia/movement issues - Noah can't hug me for too long before I have to tell him to back off so I can move around a little.  That's sad, I know...he's used to it though, he picks at me about it now.

13. My absolute biggest pet peeve on the planet is not waving when someone lets you into traffic.  (IT TAKES NO EXTRA ENERGY, MONEY, OR TIME.  WAVE PEOPLE.)  Another one is when people blame waiters/waitresses for problems that aren't the waiter's fault.

14. I have this strange fascination with walking through old cemeteries.  I just think they are really interesting and have a lot of history.

15.  I am absolutely house obsessed.  Not with anybody's house in particular, just seeing new houses, walking through new construction, looking at houses that are for sale online, etc.

16.  I really don't have a big sweet tooth.  Occasionally I'll want something sweet (especially during pregnancy), but it's just not my thing.

17. I'm left-handed. (I almost didn't include this one, because it's always that one thing I say when you're asked to name a unique thing about yourself, and I'm 100% sure I've mentioned it on here before.  But it is kind of a special thing about me!)

18.  I am double-jointed in my right ankle.  I can move it back and forth on command.

19.  I watched The Little Mermaid at least twice a day as a kid.  When Emma Ramey started watching it not long ago, I still knew all the words.

20.  I rarely pay attention to directions or where I'm going if I'm not driving.  It always gets me in trouble when I have to go somewhere by myself and I'm "supposed" to know the directions because I've been there a hundred times.

21.  I'm not a fan of roller coasters.  I didn't ride one until I was 16, and haven't since.  So, go on and assume sky diving and bungee jumping are not in my near future.

22. I was supposed to perform in the Sugar Bowl halftime show in high school, but got a terrible case of food poisoning the day before.  In New Orleans.  At New Years.

23. If I let my hair dry naturally, it's wavy in the back and straight on the sides.

24.  I can recite every single line of Christmas Vacation from memory.

25.  I'm pretty experimental when it comes to food.  I'll try just about anything - I'm always the person that likes to try the weird thing on the menu.

26.  The first diaper I ever changed was Emma Ramey's.

27.  The first time I ever traveled out of the country was 2 months before I was born - my mom went on a vacation to Canada when she was 7 months pregnant.  The next time was on my honeymoon (and I've been a few times since!).

28.  If I'm being honest, I kind of hate working out.  But I make myself do it because, man, I love food.

29. The only bone I've ever broken was my pinkie toe, a few months ago.  I've never had a cast.