Monday, June 2, 2014

The Great Outdoors

If you know Emma Ramey, you probably know that she is an outdoorsy kind of girl.

Spending any time with her at all usually means you're going to hear her request to go "ousside" approximately 194 times an hour.

So, the plan for this weekend was to spend most of the time outdoors.

We had a great local arts festival going on downtown this weekend, and we were going to spend a lot of time grilling and swinging and trampoline-jumping at the grandparents' house.

Well, rain happened, and spoiled most of those plans.  We ended up being cooped up pretty much the entire weekend.  But we couldn't let the rain completely ruin our fun.

When the rain let up a little bit Saturday, we headed out to do some puddle stompin'.

As much as this girl loves "ousside," she loves water even more.  So this was a perfect pairing!

Sunday morning, we took advantage of a few minutes of sunshine to blow a few bubbles...another Emmie favorite.

I love this super concentrated look from her.

We also had a chance to fly Emmie's new kite.  Daddy promised her a treat if she was a good girl during our errands last night - and this $1.50 kite (thanks, Walmart!) was just what she wanted.

She loved watching Daddy make the kite fly...even if it was only for a few seconds at a time on this very un-windy day.

I didn't know I'd ever see somebody so proud of a cheap Cinderella ("Ci-rella" as Emmie says it) kite...but she was.

After a little bit of stroller riding in her favorite Minnie hat, the weather started deteriorating again, so we headed back in.  But man, did this girl soak up her time in her precious outdoors.