Monday, June 9, 2014

The Good Ol' Days

I think we all have this perfect vision in our head of the good ol' days.

It's kind of our happy place.  Those memories when there wasn't anything bad in the world and there were no worries.  For many, it's childhood.  For others, it might be a lost relationship, or a memory that just can't be trumped.  Of course there were problems then - there have always been problems.  But, they just kind of fade away when you think about how great everything seemed to be.

I know music always kind of triggers my memories.  Eighties music in particular - it just reminds me of my childhood I guess.  Emma Ramey and I were running errands last week, and I had the radio on - and this fun, new song came on.  And it got me thinking - are these Emma Ramey's good ol' days?

What is she going to remember from these days that are great memories for her? Is it going to be fun music (this will be called teens music I guess?) from when she was little, or will it be our afternoons at the pool?

Will she remember how much she loved (and pestered) Hardy?  I would really love to know what's going on in that pretty little head.  I would love to know what I'm doing every day that's making an impact on her.

But then I got to thinking even more.

And - aha moment - I realized I'm in my good ol' days.  Right now.  There have been so many times that I wanted to go back to my childhood and relive that, just for one day.  Wouldn't everybody go back to another time and live it just for a little bit?  I know I would.

But this whole parenthood thing?  I think it's kind of better.  Of course there are responsibilities and headaches and grown-up things that just aren't so fun.

But man, I'm loving life right now.  I have my dream job, with my dream guy, and my dream girl.  (And yes, my dream dog...most of the time.)  

Right now, I just want to soak up every second of this life.  I get the chance to know how great things are without having to fast-forward 30 years to realize that.  I feel like that's a gift.

Think about what your good ol' days are...if you've already lived them, cherish those memories.  If you're in them right now, don't let it go by and never realize it.

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