Friday, June 27, 2014

Our Week in Pictures

It's been a very low-key week around here.  I normally like to stay busy during the weekdays, but Emmie and I are still kind of off our schedule from VBS last week - so we took a few days to catch back up at home!

She is really getting such a big personality.  She insisted in riding in the car in her jambes and owl hat Monday night. :)

And on Tuesday morning, she had to watch cartoons on the couch covered in a bath towel.  Yes, a bath towel.  This thing has been her BFF for the past week.  As I type this, she is napping with the darn bath towel in her crib.

Here she is on Wednesday checking out our biggest story of the week...

...buying a car on Thursday!  We've been in the market for something new for a few weeks and found a deal we couldn't pass up a few days ago.  I've had my old car for a long time - since 2004!  So it was time for something new.  It was a very good car to us though!

I just love living so close to family.  My mother-in-law randomly takes Emmie during the week to let me catch up on things that aren't so fun to do with toddlers, like grocery shopping.  Moms out there will understand - a solo grocery shopping trip is rare treat!

Wearing her Daddy's socks this morning.

And enjoying her absolute favorite (currently) - Bubble Guppies.  God bless the Bubble Guppies for giving me 30 minutes to put makeup on in peace. :)

We headed to the library this afternoon - Noah needed a book there, so I let her play for a little bit.  We have such a great library here!

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!