Friday, June 6, 2014

Favorite Workout Finds

I know that working out is probably the last thing you want to think about on a Friday afternoon, but I've seen a couple of good sales on workout products in the past couple of days, so I thought I'd share my favorites in the exercise gear department!

I'm going to pat my own back for a second - I've worked really hard over the past few months to lose weight, and I'm doing a great job - down around 15 pounds.  I'm really working on cutting a few more pounds before my birthday (more on that later), so I've got some more work to do.  These products have really helped me get to where I am!

Great list of workout gear!  A few of these are on sale right now has list of coupon codes.

Fruit of the Loom Shirred Front Sports Bra - I can't count the number of different kinds of sports bras I've bought.  I'm picky when it comes to these. As a...ahem..."blessed" girl, they can be kind of hard to find.  But these are great.  Very supportive, comfortable, and cute!  They're also racerback and adjustable.

FitBit Flex - I know I go on and on about my FitBit, but it really is my favorite workout find ever.  It has totally changed how active I am.  I've gone from a semi-couch potato to actually hitting my workout goals most days!  It is a huge motivator to get up and get going.  My wrist strap broke recently, and I was able to email them to get a new one at no cost.  I love a company with great customer service!  I was also able to get a pink one this time around...I'm kind of excited about that. :)  That will hold me over until the Tory Burch edition bands come out sometime this fall...I am TOO excited about it!  I could go on and on...I'm kind of a FitBit nerd now.

I've heard good things about the Polar FT4 Heart Rate monitor too - it works a little bit differently than the FitBit, but it has the same general concept, and it's a little cheaper!

Dollar Tree Socks - No, really...Dollar Tree socks.  Call me crazy, but these are my absolute favorite workout socks!  They're thin (not cheap thin, but breathable thin), don't bunch, and don't sag.  I've had a couple of pairs for a year and they aren't showing wear at all!  Trust me on this - try them!  I also use Sketchers Non Terry Low Cut Socks, but honestly, I prefer the Dollar Tree ones. :)

Contigo Autospout Addison Water Bottle - I have to say, the Contigo Addison bottles are the absolute best I've ever used.  They have a padded spout, so it's easy to use when you're working out.  They're very durable too!

Nike Air Relentless 3 Shoes - This is the only thing on this list that I don't have...yet.  But I LOVE them.  I normally don't go this bright with shoes, but it's kind of fun to go all out with workout clothes!  These are on sale at Zappos right now this link to go directly to them!

Nike Tempo Shorts - When it's a little bit warmer outside, these are my choice instead of yoga pants. These have to be the most comfortable shorts in the world.  I wear them all the time during the summer (not to mention the fact that I lived in them during the last few weeks of my pregnancy.  Seriously, lived in them...ask Noah.).  Footlocker has a great deal on them right now - click here to go directly to the sale - and use the code LKS14UF3 for 15% off $70+ orders through 6/30!

Old Navy Women's Yoga Capri's - I probably wear these 3 or 4 days a week - I shouldn't admit that on the Internet, but I do.  They are insanely comfortable and have a great fit.  They're on sale right now too - click here and use the code FUN for 20% off of the sale prices (through tomorrow)!