Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer Lovin'

I have absolutely loved making memories with my people this weekend.

If there was a theme for this weekend, it would be "water." We've been in the water a good chunk of the weekend - something Emma Ramey didn't mind at all.  Daddy had to work Saturday (something he has to do every few months), so we spent the day at the pool.  She's doing so well in the water - she actually floated "by herself" (i.e. with me hovering like a crazy mom) for a few seconds with her floaties on!

That night, I made one of my favorites - Pioneer Woman's Guacamole - and we had a Mexican-themed dinner.

Sunday, we went to church - the first time in a few weeks because of holidays and travel.  Don't they look cute in their patriotic get-ups?

That night, we stayed at Nana and Supe's house.  We had planned to take the boat out off the gulf coast the next morning, so it was just easier to stay there than to try to get a toddler across town at the crack of dawn.

This girl loves Supe's boat.  She plays on it every chance she gets.  And she constantly tells us she wants to go catch fish on Supe's boat.  She is her Daddy's daughter.

It was all fun and games until she hit her foot on a guardrail.

Such a mama's girl when she gets hurt. :) I don't mind it one bit.

The next day, we loaded up early and headed for the coast!

She acts like she owns the boat.  She just kind of belongs in the water.  We figured out early on that she was a total water baby, but man, this girl loves anything nautical.

Missisippi doesn't have the best beaches on earth - but, if you go off-shore a few miles, they have an island with really great beaches.  We loaded up and headed out there for Memorial Day.

Emma Ramey's been out there with us before.  But it's like a new experience every time - she loves to play in the sand and water.  The coast on the island is really shallow, so she's good to play in the water pretty independently with her floaties on without us having to worry.

She even went "swimming!"

Every single year, I forget how much fun the beginning of summer can be.  It's seems like you've been cooped up for next to forever, and enjoying all of the summer fun can be such a great new thing. I know I'll be complaining about this season come August - but we're soaking it up right now.