Monday, May 19, 2014

Short Weekend Catch-Up

I feel like I'm completely out of the blogging groove this week...this month is about to kill me!

We had a busy and fun weekend.  One of Noah's college friends got married in Alabama, so we made a full weekend out of it and visited the grandparents.

Just after we moved from Tuscaloosa, a new sushi restaurant opened that I've absolutely been dying to try.  The grandparents kept Emma Ramey Friday night and let us make a date out of it!  It was insanely good.

Apparently all I wanted to take pictures of this weekend was food.  Noah and I ran a few errands Saturday morning, so we stopped by one of our local favorites (Five) and had lunch.

The wedding itself was in Centreville (about 45 minutes away from Tuscaloosa).  A mutual friend of ours opened up a gorgeous wedding venue there - it looks like a very well updated plantation.  The wedding was so pretty!

We ate, danced (yes, I got him on the dance floor), and partied till we dropped.  By 11, we were both spent - funny how stamina changes. :)  But we had so much fun.

And I didn't get one picture of my child this weekend (I know, what's wrong with me?).  Trust me, she was well taken care of.  My parents spoiled her rotten and let her eat entirely too much junk food, just as good grandparents are supposed to do.

We dropped by our old house to check on the progress before we left.  All of the repairs are done, and barring a few minor things that have to be finished, we're set to close tomorrow afternoon!