Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Thought/Picture Dump

Well hi blog world...long time no talk!  Last week ended up being so busy for us.  The only night we were home was Tuesday night.  Needless to say, that cut into my blogging (and cleaning) time a little bit.  Thankfully, I had yesterday to sit down and collect my thoughts!

-Monday night, we celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday!  We ate Japanese - as referenced by Emma Ramey's hibachi stance above.  We've convinced her the sunglasses protect her.

-Emmie also had her nails painted for the first time that day.  She decided she wanted a new color halfway into it.

-So that Diet Bet I was doing?  Yeah, I don't think I'm winning that one.  I only lost 4 pounds, when I had to lose about 5 1/2.  So no money for me.  I still thought it was fun and a huge motivator though - I'd like to do it again sometime!

-We have absolutely loved the weather in the past week!  We have been outside lots and just love our pool for this summer.

-Noah and I got a night out last week.  Emma Ramey stayed with a babysitter that wasn't one of our moms for the first time.  Want to talk about nervous?  But she did great.  We really talked up the fact that she had a "friend" coming to stay with her.  They played the whole time and she was on her best behavior.  We went to a local CCA event, and it was a lot of fun!

-I think I talked about this in the fall...our town does a downtown concert every Friday night in April and October.  We absolutely love it.  The weather was so great this week, and they have a ton of vendors downtown with great food.

-Saturday was a day on the boat!  Noah's been looking forward to getting out on the boat with his family.  We went to an island off the coast of Mississippi for the afternoon.  In case there was any doubt that my child was a water baby...this cleared it up.  I'm pretty sure we could have left her there for a few hours and she would have been in the same place, playing in the sand with her toys.

-We officially joined our church as of yesterday!  It's something I meant to do for the longest time in Tuscaloosa, and we just never did it.  I'm so glad we went on and got that done early here.  We really love the church and people in the church.

-We are well into the throws of 2 year old teething.  Somebody hold me.  I've been suspecting it was coming for about a month, and it was confirmed yesterday when Emmie kept pointing at her mouth saying "teef huht."  Sure enough, her two back molars have broken through in the past few days, and I suspect the top ones are not far behind that.  I will say, this time around has been SO much easier.  I think it has a lot to do with being able to understand when she's telling us that something is wrong.

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