Friday, April 11, 2014

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Yesterday, we went to see the Easter bunny!  One of our local power companies does these photos at Easter and Christmas as a fundraiser for Relay for Life.  Such a great idea...I get to donate to charity and I don't have to stand in line at the mall?  Sign me up!

You might remember from our Santa experience that Emma Ramey isn't big on human-sized characters.  So this Mama was just a little nervous.

It definitely took her just a second to get used to the idea.  She wasn't having it at first.  So we let her sit in the basket.  Yes, the basket meant for newborns.  My 2 year old made herself at home.

Slowly, she got a little bit more comfortable...

...even cracking a smile...

So we went for it.  Bribing with Easter eggs full of candy, of course.

Not too happy at first...

But she warmed up quickly!  She even gave him a couple of high fives.

She was so excited to talk about the Easter bunny for the rest of the day...she thought it was so fun that he was coming to her house next week!

(Now the Easter bunny just needs to get to work on her basket.  Get with the program, Easter bunny.)

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