Friday, March 14, 2014

Just Wednesday

Since we're kind of back on our "own" schedule, I thought I'd do an update on our average day!  Here's what we were up to Wednesday.

8:00 - I wake up.  I've been loving the chance to wake up at 7-7:30, just to have a little bit of my own time before Emma Ramey wakes up, but just wasn't happening today. I've been sick, and I've been sleeping like I've been sick, so I hit snooze a few too many times.

I wake up, quickly check my email, take Hardy out, and make my coffee.

8:15 - Emma Ramey's up.  She normally doesn't wake up until 8:30-9, but Daylight Savings Time has her all kinds of messed up.  She's been waking up early, fighting sleep at night, and not taking great naps this week.  I'm sticking to the schedule though, so hopefully that will kind of sort itself out by the end of the week.

Emma Ramey has breakfast and watches a few minutes of what she woke up requesting..."Mickey Snow" (the Mickey Christmas Special).  She has a big bowl of grapes for breakfast...again, requested, over her normal eggs, Cheerios, and fruit.

While she's watching "Mickey Snow," she has to have a pack of wax melts.  She's so funny - she absolutely loves smelling them...she asks to do it at least once a day!

8:50 - Emma Ramey's finished with breakfast, and we play for a few minutes.  She has been loving the classic ring stacker (I'm sure y'all have seen this before, I had one as a kid!).  I've been trying to work on colors with her using this.

Apparently I don't get the big camera out much anymore, because every time I do, she insists on hiding/cheesing for a picture and looking at it on the camera.  Here are a few from her shoot this morning. :)

We play hide and seek for a few minutes too!  Her hiding spot...

9:15 - I quickly throw on some clothes and makeup (don't worry, I showered the night before) and get Emma Ramey dressed.  She checks out her new shoes while I get ready...

...and decides she needs to wear a pair of them today.  So I have to base an entire outfit around a toddler's shoe choice.  This is starting waaayy too early.

9:30 - We're out the door.  Wednesdays are our library days.  Our local library does a great story time for toddlers, so we try to make it as often as we can.  Every day varies a little...Mondays and Fridays are usually gym days, either Tuesday or Thursday is errand/shopping day...but we're usually always out the door about this time!

10:00 - We make it to the library for story time.  This girl loves it!  They sing songs, read books, and do dances.

We also make a really cute snail in craft time.  It has a new home on our fridge.

We hung around afterwards for a few minutes.  Emma Ramey and I have really only gone to this particular library for story time, but we decided to check out a little bit more of it today!  Turns out they also have a great children's area.

10:45 - We head home.  Sometimes we go to the park after we finish up whatever we're doing that morning, but it was gloomy and rainy this morning.

11:00 - We're home...I fix Emma Ramey a snack and she watches a few minutes of her current favorite, The Lorax.  I make beds, clean up a little, and fire off a quick email to our new realtor (more about that in another post).

11:30 - Emma Ramey tells me she's hungry...a little bit earlier than her normal lunch time, but she had a small breakfast, so I go on and feed her.  She has leftovers from last night - pork chops, roasted broccoli, and wild rice.  She eats a grand total of 2 bites and begs to get down.

More modeling for the big camera

11:45 - We have kind of our free-for-all play time.  It alternates between her room and the living room usually.  It's a little bit of everything - reading books, doing puzzles, coloring, hide-and-seek, diapering sock monkeys... get the picture.  Really not a ton of structure, just whatever she wants to do!

12:45 - I try to heat up a quick lunch (same thing Emma Ramey has).  She, of course, tells me she's hungry too.  I have a policy - if it's after lunch but before nap time, and you didn't eat all of your lunch, you have to finish your lunch if you get hungry.  So into her high chair she goes.

I scarf down my lunch while she whines about having to eat leftovers.  She eventually caved and ate several bites (Mommy-1, Emma Ramey-0).

1:00 - The sun was coming out a little, and Emma Ramey asked if we could go outside...we went out on the balcony for about 10 seconds before we realized the temperature had dropped about 10 degrees and the wind was blowing.  Little Miss was not too happy when I made her go inside.

I give Emma Ramey a few minutes of independent play time while I send a few emails and check the latest houses for sale in the area.

1:15 - The pre-naptime ritual begins.  About 30 minutes before I actually put her down, she usually starts acting really sleepy and cranky.  Today, I turned The Lorax back on and snuggled her a few minutes.

And admired the incredible cowlick she inherited from her Mama.  That thing is going to give us trouble in a few years.

1:45 - Emma Ramey goes down for her nap.  She talked in her crib for a few minutes (kind of unusual for her at nap time), and eventually faded out.

I start my "Mommy Power Hour."  I've spent a many a nap time with this view.  I usually have a to-do list for nap time and, just in case Emma Ramey wakes up early, I try to get right to it!  This day, I worked on a couple of blog posts, got a draft ready to submit to BlogHer, and worked on a blog design proof.

3:45 - Emma Ramey is up from her nap...once again, a little earlier than normal.  She's slowly stretched her nap out this week (from 1 hour, to 1.5 hours, now 1.75 hours), so I'm hopeful we're slowly getting back to normal (she normally averages 2.5 to 3 hours).  I let her watch the rest of The Lorax and eat a snack (kind of her nap wake-up routine) while I finish up my nap time projects.

4:15 - I start prepping dinner and do a couple of little cleaning projects.  Emma Ramey plays in her room and the living room.

5:15 - I have dinner in the oven, so I feed Hardy dinner and join her to play in her room.  We work on numbers with her wooden blocks guessed hide and seek.  Anybody know what her favorite game is?

(Just in case you're wondering, this is what my living room looks like at this point.)

5:30 - We take Hardy out (Emma Ramey, as always, insists on going down the stairs herself).

5:50 - Noah calls and says he's on his way.  He averages getting home between 6:30 and 7 every night, so this night was a little earlier than normal!

6:15 - Noah's home!  We eat dinner (Taco Mac, Cantaloupe, and Chips & Salsa).

6:45 - A couple of days ago, Noah promised Emma Ramey he'd take her to the store to buy a new book.  Well tonight was the night!  They had a Daddy/Daughter date to the dollar store.

I cleaned up the kitchen and headed to the gym!  This was my view on the way to the gym...gorgeous sunset.

7:00 - I got a good workout in and headed back to the house.  Noah was bathing Emma Ramey...I helped get her ready for bed.

8:30 - Emma Ramey goes to bed.  Noah heads to the gym, and I take a shower.  I settle in with my tea, the last episode of The Bachelor (I didn't watch this season, but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about), and a pretty pink bottle of nails badly needed it.

9:30 - As isn't all that uncommon this week, Emma Ramey wakes up.

Made herself comfortable in my bed pretty quickly, didn't she?  She told me all about how she wanting to go swimming when it was hot, and got her new Boo doll the kiss the boo boo on my leg (where I cut myself shaving in the shower).  She can be such a hoot sometimes. :)

She hangs out with us watching The Bachelor for a little bit, and goes to bed around 10:30.  When I say goes to bed, I mean she screamed for 15 minutes in her bed before giving up.  I speak for all mothers with strong-willed, well-scheduled children when I say that time changes STINK.

Noah and I watch one of his new shows (I'm not sure what the name is, it's a western on HBO) and I get a little bit of work done.  Then I head to bed!

It was a great, busy, messy, slightly chaotic, perfect Wednesday!

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