Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday


We're so happy to have Noah home!  He was out of town for work from Sunday-Wednesday.  I really do forget how much he helps until I don't have him around for a few days.  Plus, I missed him just a little. :)  We're pretty sure that's the last time he has to go out of town for work for quite awhile!



I CANNOT stop watching Scandal.  It came across Netflix a few nights ago (the night Noah went out of town, as a matter of fact)...and I'm almost through the second season.  It is SO SO good!  I have yelled at my TV a few times in the past few days...Hardy thinks I've lost it.

I'm begging Noah to start watching so I can discuss it with him.  It might be a little too girly for him, but MAN the plot line is amazing.


So, I have officially lost my mind and decided to make Emma Ramey's birthday cake myself.  After watching about a hundred youtube videos and buying supplies that have to be worth more than it would have cost to have the cake made professionally, I think I've (sort of) figured it out.

This was the practice cake I made this week.  It's a little rougher than I want the real one, but I'm pretty happy with it!

So was this monkey. :)  She has begged for "take" after every meal (including breakfast) since I made it.

(PS - Hardy licked all of the icing off the side of the cake about an hour after I took that picture.  So there's that.  I might have had an ad for a great, older beagle on the blog if that had happened this time next week.)

(Kidding. Kind of.)


Did I mention that we're having the party with Emma Ramey's cousin now?  I'm so excited!  Their birthdays are only a couple of weeks apart, and they live far away, but it just so happens they'll be in town during the party.  So it's a joint birthday party now!


We have some potentially very exciting news on the home selling front!  Nothing definite yet, but we're excited about the possibility.  Fingers (and toes, and hair) crossed for us please!  I'll let y'all know as soon as I can.

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