Friday, March 7, 2014

Five on Friday


Party planning is in full swing around here!  I've limited myself to a $100 budget this year, so I'm having to get creative with some things.  I thought about doing an inspiration post next week - let's see if I get around to it! :)


Speaking of my almost 2 year old - she's old enough to have pigtails.  PIGTAILS, Y'ALL.  The child that I was sure would never grow hair.  How does it happen so fast?


Hope y'all have had a fun Mardi Gras week!  It just so happens that Red Beans and Rice was on our eMeals menu this week...very creative, eMeals.  So, of course, it got bumped to Tuesday night.  It was a new recipe for me - very good, a little more tomato-y than I'm used to, but we really liked it!


My child's current obsession is sunglasses.  She begs for her "gasses!!" pretty much all day.  (Please notice Special Agent Oso (or "Osie," as she calls him) reflecting in her "gasses"...another current obsession.)

Here is her get-up for our shopping trip yesterday.  She insisted in leaving the house in her "gasses."  Upside down, of course.

It's a shame she doesn't have any personality.


So I realized yesterday that I am the exact same weight I was this time last year.  That's not the worst thing that can happen, but I've worked pretty stinking hard in the past couple of months to lose this weight.

You know what that means?  I got lazy in the last half of 2013 and cancelled out all of the hard work I put in during the first half.  It could have something to do with, I don't know, moving to another state and living with my in-laws.

So I've decided to ramp this weight loss thing up a little and really commit to it!  I've been using my FitBit religiously, but I just set my goal a little higher...and if I don't hit my goal every week, that means gym time over the weekend.  No exceptions.  Which I absolutely hate, because weekends are normally my off time from caring about it.

I am also absolutely swearing by MyFitnessPal.  It works if you use it...but I haven't been so great about it.  Everything that goes in my mouth goes in MyFitnessPal now!

I'm within 15 pounds of my dream-ultimate-perfect weight...wish me luck!  I'm hoping to be there by Memorial Day.

And just in case you were wondering, I'm currently starving.

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