Monday, March 10, 2014

2nd Birthday Party Inspiration

Emma Ramey's special day is coming up quickly! We have a little under 3 weeks until her 2nd birthday party.

I've known for a few months now that I wanted to do a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party for her.  She's been in love with the show from the first time she saw it.  She knows all of the characters by heart (Mime, Mime, Go-de, Pupo, Da-do and Dayse).  So it just made sense to do a party based around her favorite show!

I like the idea that there are lots of primary colors and simple patterns in the show...I'm kind of playing off of that.  There are lots of MMC products out there for birthday parties, but I think if I used just those it would be way too busy.  So, I'm using lots of solid colors and lots of simple patterns...not only is it not so "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse threw up in here," but lots more budget-conscious...those branded plates and cups get expensive!

Follow Leslie @'s board Emma Ramey's oh twodles party on Pinterest.

I've been pinning my ideas to this board for a few weeks...and I really love how it's coming together! I think I'll be using mostly red and yellow with a few splashes of green and blue.

I was going to share the pictures from Pinterest, but they don't have that option anymore.  Boo!  So here are my thoughts...

-I think I'm making her cake.  I AM OUT OF MY MIND.  If you look at the board above, the idea I found really isn't that bad...lots of solid colors and polka dots.  But I'll definitely be making it a few days in advance, just in case I totally screw it up.  :)

-One advantage to this party idea - there is no lack of inspiration!  Seriously, search Pinterest for "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party"...a thousand ideas will come up.  There are also lots of branded items if you need to use them!

-How cute are the little cupcakes with the Oreo mouse ears?

-And the cupcakes with Mickey inside?  ADORABLE.  Go watch that video - it's really interesting how she does that.

-There have been one or two branded items I've bought for the party - I thought this cupcake stand was so cute!

Like I've said before, this is going to be a low-key year.  We're just doing family and close friends, but I still want to make this special for her!

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