Monday, March 24, 2014

2 Years

If you hear crying coming from the general area of Mississippi this week, it's me.

HOW is my child almost 2?  They're not kidding when they tell you not to blink.  It happened so fast.

She's growing and learning and wowing us every single day.  Emma Ramey - here's what you're up to at 2 years!


You are right at 33 pounds right now.  That's in the 96th percentile for weight for your age.  I really thought you had slowed down gaining weight (especially since toddler picky eater syndrome set in), so I was surprised to see this!


You are 35 1/2 inches tall at 2 years old, which is in the 87th percentile for height for your age.

Clothing Size:

You are just barely still in 2t clothes right now.  Since it's been really cool around here, I've been squeezing the last little bit I could get out of those winter clothes. :) You're solidly in 3t pajamas now, and once it warms up enough, you should be in all 3t clothes!  You're in a size 8 shoe, but I can definitely see you being in a size 9 by summer.


You are wearing size 4 diapers now (size 5 works fine if we have to use it). I think you're going through about 4 a day now.

You are very interested in the potty.  We have a potty seat, and we talk about using the potty a lot.  Potty training is definitely near - I think we're going to give it a try next month!


You eat regular meals - breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  It's very wishy washy whether you'll eat your whole plate in a sitting or you'll eat 2 bites (which I've heard is totally normal).  You are a grazer though - you would snack all day (instead of eating meals) if I let you.

You are a huge fan of fruit (especially grapes, strawberries, and blueberries), nuts, pasta, pizza, chicken nuggets, and eggs.  Still not a huge meat fan, and you absolutely hate any spicy food besides crawfish.

You also drink about 3-4 cups of milk a day.  You would totally drink a lot more if I let you.  I've had to start sneaking a little bit of water into your milk so you don't drink so much...but we won't tell you that for a few more years. :)


Your hair has come in so fast!  It's such a pretty blonde color.  You're still rocking the cutest baby mullet, but it's growing in so fast that the mullet is almost gone.

And still the prettiest blue eyes.  Of everything you got from your daddy, the eyes are my favorite!


Sleep is either great or horrible.  You normally nap 2-3 hours every afternoon...usually from about 2-5.  You go to sleep at 7:30-8 every night, and wake up around 9 every morning. I!  But if you decide not to sleep, it's rough.  About once a week you like to have a party at 3am.  You usually absolutely refuse to lay down, try to play, kick Mommy/Daddy in the's bad.  But I really can't complain if I get the great sleeper 90% of the time.

Fun Stuff:

You are SUCH a talker!  Being paranoid, I sat down a few weeks ago to make sure you were saying enough words.  I quit counting at 100.  You can really say anything we say now (so we have to be careful :)), but you can really communicate on your own so well too.  You're starting to string sentences together and definitely let us know when you're not happy.

You love to sing!  We're constantly singing during movies and you love to sing The Goodbye Song from story time at the library.  You also love to dance and ask Mommy to dance with you all the time.

You're starting to love to read...I thought it would never happen.  You will bring books to me now to read, and you love to read a book before nap time and bedtime.

You and Hardy have such a fun relationship.  He is so sweet with normally like to pick on him, and he sits and takes it.  But you have to say goodbye to him every time we leave the house, and you'll occasionally go up and give him love.  You still call him O - from the time you could talk, you knew that that was the sound he made when he howled, so to this day, his name is O to you.

Mickey and Minnie are definitely still your absolute favorites.  I'm pretty sure we're working on a collection of every Mickey and Minnie toy on the market, thanks to the grandparents.  You also love Special Agent Oso ("Osie"), The Lorax ("Woo-Dax"), Monsters University ("Mike and Sul Sul"), The Little Mermaid ("Ayael"), and Doc Mcstuffins.

You're such an outside girl.  You love to "fwide" and "fwing."  We've been going to the park a few times a week and you're in absolute heaven.  You love having lunch/dinner on the balcony.  We talk about the pool a lot - as soon as it's warm enough, I know you're going to love it!

Speaking of water...there's no doubt you're a water baby.  You absolutely beg to take a bath every night, and I'm pretty sure you'd just stay in there all night if I let you.

You have your own little opinion now.  If you like (or don't like) something, you let it be known.  I like that you're decisive and vocal about it!

You really are just the sweetest girl.  Sometimes you come up and put your head on us, or cuddle up, at the best times.  You've started saying "Hey Mama" when I walk into your room in the morning, and it's one of my favorite things ever!

We love you to the moon and back Monkey!!

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