Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Home Sweet Home

I thought I'd put up a few pictures of our apartment for memory's sake.  We're only planning on being here for about a year, but we will remember this as one of our homes...so it's going to be just as special as anywhere else we've been.  We've already made lots of memories here!

Welcome!  Looking into the living room from the front door.

Our living room.  I'm not a big fan of the cords below the TV...any suggestions?  But besides that, I love how it came together.  We were a little worried about our furniture fitting, but it seems like we've found a place for all of it!

Looking back from the kitchen.

Our dining area

Our kitchen.  Just big enough, and it actually packs lots more cabinet space than I expected!

Emma Ramey's room.  It actually is a good bit bigger than her room in Tuscaloosa.  We've been playing in here a lot!

The desk area right outside of Emma Ramey's room...as I predicted, it's junky. :)  It's become a great storage space for things that don't have any other place.

Emma Ramey's bathroom...complete with Minnie Mouse rug.

Our room

Our bathroom.  It's actually really big too...can't complain about the size for an apartment!

We really are loving it.  There were a couple of little learning curves at first, but I think we've all adapted really well.  Now let's get our old house sold so we can figure out a long-term plan! :)

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