Friday, February 7, 2014

Five on Friday

Linking up with Darci and the other ladies for Five on Friday today!


Our crazy winter weather continues.  For maybe 15 minutes yesterday afternoon, we had an absolute downpour of snow and sleet.  This little pajama-clad, barefoot lady had to check it out herself on our balcony.

From what I've heard, this area is lucky to see any kind of winter weather once every few years.  This is the third time in two weeks that it has snowed/sleeted here.  Crazy stuff!


We're slowly adjusting to apartment life.  One of our downstairs neighbors stopped Noah in the hall a few days ago and told him we were rattling his walls.  We racked our brains to figure out what in the world we could be doing that was so loud - until we realized that some of our furniture was rattling when we walked by it.  Oops.  I made them some "sorry we're the loud neighbors" cookies, and we're tip-toeing past the furniture now.  If anybody could come teach my child how to do the same, I'd appreciate it.  The good news is I should have some pretty killer calf muscles after this experience is over. :/

But that's really been the biggest obstacle.  Hardy is finally learning that he has to go outside to use the bathroom here - that was a fun battle for a week or so.  But we love the space and we're almost all the way moved in.  I'll post some pictures as soon as we get everything finished!


I'll be honest - living with my in-laws spoiled me.  I had an extra set of hands at any given time, and didn't really have a big area to keep clean.  I'm having to get back to completely managing a house by myself.

But I'm kind of liking the transition!  I've missed managing everything and keeping up with everything. I'm back to using my cleaning schedule and I'm working on getting a little bit more structure to mine and Emma Ramey's day.  I'm also planning all of our meals again (something my mother in law was helping with when we lived there).  We had a TON of extra food in Tuscaloosa, so I've been on a mission to use up a good bit of it over the past couple of weeks.  I'm looking forward to getting back to using my eMeals subscription soon though - some of the latest menus have looked great!


I forgot how much I loved these little guys - Better Homes & Gardens Scented Wax Cubes.  You can buy them at Walmart, and they're only $2 a pack.  I promise they smell just as good as the expensive ones.  They have a huge selection too!  I burn them pretty much all day, and change them out twice a week…and they keep their smell that whole time.  Highly recommended if you use scented wax in your house! If you don't have these available in your area, the Glade ones are good too, and they're about the same price.  (Neither of these are sponsored mentions…I just really like the products!)


I thought about doing a post on blog organization and planning next week…any questions y'all have or things you'd like to see?
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