Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday Thought Dump

-How are y'all surviving Coldpacolypse 2014? :)  We're making it.  Cabin fever has definitely set in for both Emma Ramey and me - we've both gotten used to being out and going during the day, and we've been cooped up for the past couple of days.  I'm ready to bust out of here tomorrow!  But thankfully, no snow/ice for us…I hate it for y'all that are literally stuck at home.

-An old friend came (reluctantly) came to visit yesterday…

…one of my resolutions for this year was to lose weight, so it's high time I get to it.  As much as I hate (HATE) tracking my calories, it's just a must for me to lose weight.  I also got a FitBit for Christmas.  It is incredibly interesting to see how many calories you burn each day…it's actually a lot less than I thought.  It's really motivated me to get up and get moving!

-We had to put our "mini move" off a week - it's supposed to rain all weekend, and if we wait until next weekend, Noah will have Monday off to help as well.  So we will sign our lease next Friday and officially have our own place (albeit temporary) here!  I'm so excited.

-I'm trying not to think about the fact that I have to finish packing up our house next week.  Number one - I have moving with such an intense passion I can't even describe it. Number two - I love that house, I really do.  I've said it a thousand times - if I could pick it up and move it with us, I would.

-On that note though, if somebody wants to buy it, go right ahead. :) We are now on month 5 of it being on the market.  It's honestly underpriced now, so it's starting to get a little frustrating that there's no action.  We need to sell it before we can move ahead with buying anything here, so prayers, fingers crossed, and good vibes sent our way please!  (Shameless plug - if you know anybody looking for a house in the Tuscaloosa area, here's the link!)

-Does anybody else feel like they are drowning in toys?  They are everywhere I turn.  I feel a toy purge coming on when we move.

-Another present I got for Christmas was a Soda Stream.  I honestly didn't know how I would feel about it - but it's SO fun!  You really have so many options for what you can make, you can make your drinks more/less carbonated if you'd like, and it really is cheaper than buying soft drinks by the bottle.  Plus it's so convenient!

-Does anybody out there have a good (not super expensive) dry shampoo they like?  I've finally decided that it's so much better for my hair not to wash it every day, but it's just nasty if I don't use some kind of dry shampoo on the off days.  I just can't seem to find one I like.  Keep in mind, I have dark hair.  Anybody?

Happy Tuesday, y'all!  Stay warm!
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