Thursday, January 30, 2014

That Time "A Little Bit of Snow and Ice" Shut Down the South

For about a week now, we've had a pretty good idea that we were going to get an ice storm this week.

Noah heard late Monday night that he would have the day off work Tuesday because of the threat of ice.  We woke up early Tuesday morning to find out that we were indeed going to have some pretty bad weather…so we headed to his parents house to ride it out, just in case the power went out (they have a generator).

A lot of people in other areas of the country have seemed confused this week about why we just "shut down" at the threat of "a little snow and ice"…it all boils down to resources.  Our city and state governments simply don't have the salt/sand trucks that many colder areas have because they get used once every 4-5 years.  We don't have 4 wheel drive vehicles, and we don't carry snow chains.  Not to mention that we don't have a whole lot of practice driving on snow/ice.  So, we shut down instead when the weather gets icy.   That's why you're seeing all of the pictures of mass chaos in Alabama/Georgia.  They didn't know they were getting the ice, so they didn't shut down…leading to that.

We were the lucky ones.  We knew, and were prepared - a little bit closer to our old home, they weren't.  The storm went a little bit north of where it was supposed to hit, leaving lots of people in central Alabama and Georgia stranded.  I was very happy to hear early Tuesday afternoon that my all of my family had made it home safely, despite braving a couple of hours of ice and traffic.

All day Tuesday, we sat around and watched the weather story unfolding outside.  Emma Ramey's never really seen anything but rain fall from the sky, so this was an experience for her.  She kept talking about the "nooo" and "ayce" outside.

By late Tuesday afternoon, this was the scene outside.  This might look like pretty, fun snow…don't be fooled.  It's not.  From mid-morning to late afternoon Tuesday, sleet fell in south Mississippi.  It accumulated on grassy areas like snow, but it froze into sheets of ice Tuesday night.

Early Wednesday, we headed out.  We didn't realize how slippery everything was until we were outside.  I've walked on snow before - the wasn't it.  It honestly felt like we were walking on a big ice skating rink in the backyard.

Emma Ramey loved it.  She got to explore her house, covered in snow, and had so much fun crunching through the ice.

She even climbed up in her playhouse for a few minutes before this mama bird got nervous and made her get down.

Even though this wasn't quite the snow day we had in mind, she had fun for the ten minutes outside before we decided it was too dangerous. :)

(But wasn't too happy we made her pause for a family picture.)

It was a pretty scene, but I can't say we'll miss it.  Ice just isn't fun.  We all agreed that, by today, we were starting to go stir crazy.  The roads are finally drivable though, and life is almost back to normal.

For now.  They're saying there's another chance of snow next week, after a warm weekend.

Is it Spring yet?

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