Friday, January 17, 2014

Our (Temporary) Home

Yesterday around lunch, we signed a lease for a local apartment!

We will forever be grateful to my in-laws for letting us shack up with them for a few months, but the time had come for us to get our own place here.  We're still waiting on our house to sell, and even when it does sell, chances are we will be building…so we're easily looking at a year before we have a permanent home.  I think this will do just fine until we can find one. :)

Here's a sneak peek into our home for the next year!  (Sorry that these pictures aren't great, I had about 2 minutes with a fussy phone camera to get them.  I'll make sure and put up more with the nice camera when we're moved in.)

Living room looking into the dining room (or breakfast nook?  I don't know if that's big enough to be considered a dining room.)

Dining room/breakfast nook area

Looking around the corner into the kitchen

Little desk area off the living room…I can see this area getting junky. ;)

Across from that, Emma Ramey's bathroom.

Emma Ramey's room.  I think this one is bigger than her old one!  The closets are huge too…this organization junkie is excited about that.

Our bedroom

Our bathroom

Nothing over the top by any means, but I do plan on spending the next few weeks working really hard to make this home.  I refuse to put our lives "on hold" for the next year just because of a living situation.  I think it's going to be a really fun year…I'm excited about it!

We're moving all weekend - wish us luck!  Hopefully, we'll be settled by Monday.

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