Monday, January 27, 2014

Life, in Bullet Points

  • We are having a great time here and really getting settled in!  We absolutely love it here.  We've had a couple of adjustments - namely having to take Hardy out instead of just letting him into the backyard.  It's also a little bit smaller than our old house, so we've had to get a little bit more creative on our use of space.  But besides those two things, no complaints at all!

  • As of last night, I unpacked my last box.  Praise. The. Lord.  I cannot stand moving - so glad it's over for at least a year.  I'm hoping to get a few pictures up of everything once I get a few more things done around here!
  • Cold and snow have been the themes around here lately.  We had some pretty solid snow flurries  last Thursday night and Friday.  It was pretty cool to see all of the kids around here out playing - as little as Alabama sees snow, it's even more rare here.

But I'm not sure I'm buying the "rare" thing - we are also supposed to get 2-4" of snow tomorrow.  This is crazy.  All of the schools have already announced they are out.  If that forecast holds up, Emma Ramey will have seen more snow this month than she saw in her 18 months in Tuscaloosa.   Insane stuff!

  • We had a great weekend.  Emma Ramey stayed with her grandparents Friday night while we went out with some friends.  Everybody got together and had lunch Saturday, and I got some house shopping done Saturday afternoon.  After church on Sunday, Noah and Emma Ramey headed back to the grandparents' house to let me get some work done.

This girl got some jumping time in (her absolute favorite thing to do outside)…

…and even checked the mail at her playhouse (which is currently living at Nana and Supe's house).

  • So all you Downton Abbey fans out there…umm, where have I been?  Noah and I tried it a few months ago and just didn't get into it.  Well, I tried it again last week…and I'm already halfway through season 2.  It is SO good.  I definitely missed the boat on this one!

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