Friday, January 10, 2014

Just Thursday

It's been a few months since my last "Day In The Life" post.  As always, our schedule continues to grow and evolve.  I love looking back on these!  (And I finally created a label for these posts…you can click here to see the others.)

Here's what we were up to yesterday:

8:30 - Emma Ramey and I wake up.  She and I eat breakfast - a biscuit, sausage, and banana for her, and a banana for me.

8:50 - Emma Ramey plays with her Nana for a little bit while I get ready for the day.  I also get dinner in the Crock Pot (Hoppin John Soup).

9:30 - I get Emma Ramey ready, and we're out the door!

10:00 - We go to story time at our local library.  This has been so great for us - we get to meet moms/dads of other small children and she gets a little bit of organized play time with me around.  This day, we read 3 stories and made a paper ladybug.

10:45 - We head home and get Daddy's lunch ready.

11:30 - We meet Noah - I needed to drop off a lunch for him, and we took a few minutes during his lunch break to get a little bit of furniture shopping done.  We didn't find the furniture we needed, but I scored 6 pairs of Old Navy pi's at our local discount store for $9.  I'll call it a win!

12:45 - Emma Ramey and I head home.  As promised, she got a little bit of trampoline time when we got home.  We've been cooped up for several days because of the cold, so she's missed being outside.

1:15 - Emma Ramey and I eat lunch - I have a salad and she has Pizza Pockets and strawberries.

1:30 - Emma Ramey goes down for a nap, and I get to work.  I tidied up our area of the house, answered emails (it's busy season for blog designs, so it usually takes me 30 minutes to an hour a day to work through them all), and tackle a couple of little projects.  I also started the post you're reading! :)

3:30 - Emma Ramey is up from her nap after the dogs felt it necessary to scream at the UPS guy.  Emma Ramey had a snack (string cheese and strawberries) and we headed outside!

There was a little more jumping…

…a little bit of riding Hardy like a horse (poor guy)…

…and some swinging.

This girl loves the outdoors!

5:00 - It started getting dark, so we headed inside.  I finished dinner while Emma Ramey played with her Nana a little.

6:30 - Noah's home!  Emma Ramey ate (leftovers from lunch - this Mama doesn't waste a good plate of food). 

7:00 - My father in law came home and the adults ate while we watched the Big Bang Theory (and Emma Ramey bounced all over her grandparents).

7:30 - Noah gave Emma Ramey a bath.

8:00 - Emma Ramey went to bed and the adults watched TV.

I always have a disclaimer on these posts that they are usually mind-numbingly boring for people that aren't us - but I love to look back and remember these "normal" days!

**This is the last day for the Rodan and Fields giveaway…10 winners will be picked tomorrow!

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