Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Six Days


On Thanksgiving, we visited Noah's grandmother in south Alabama!  It's about a 3 hour trip, so we spent most of the day on the road.  My whole family lived in the same town growing up, so traveling on the holidays is something I'm still getting used to.

This girl loved it though.  She had so much fun with the other kids and spent most of the day running.

She even got in some tractor time...

This is Noah's grandfather's tractor, so it was pretty cool to see her play on it and love it.  He passed away before we started dating, so I never got to meet him.  Something tells me he'd like this little girl!

She loved the country!  It was great getting to see family too - we haven't seen them since last Christmas.

We headed home Thursday brother in law is a huge Mississippi State fan, so we had to catch that big game.  You can imagine that he was a pretty happy guy.

And apparently my child likes sitting in coolers and drinking fake baby bottles on Thanksgiving night.


As much as I said I wasn't getting out in Black Friday, I actually did...and it wasn't that bad!  My in laws kept Emma Ramey so I could hit a few of the big sales.  I actually didn't end up buying much, but it was nice to have some "solo shopping time"...and I got to meet Noah in town for a lunch date.


Can we just skip this day? :)

Of course, this was the day of the big Iron Bowl.  It didn't quite turn out like we expected...but like I said on Twitter, if the worst thing that happens to me in a week is my team losing a football game, I can deal with that. :) But man Auburn is good...I didn't see that coming!

We did a little bit of shopping Saturday morning and really were lazy for the rest of the day.  Noah's parents went to Florida to see my brother and sister in law for a couple of days, so we had some just us time!


Honestly?  We did nothing.  We were lazy for a solid 36 doesn't happen too often anymore, so I enjoyed every second.  Some more shopping that night, but nothing really big to report.

I did get some wrapping done that night.  I am happy to report that I am 4 presents away from being done with Christmas shopping!  I'm usually a year-round shopper, but with the craziness of the past few months, I wasn't great about it this I had to catch up.  We're getting there!


This girl was just in a funk all day.  She didn't sleep the night all.  Maybe 3-4 hours in 15 minute stretches.  Mommy needed a coffee IV that morning. ;)

Oh, did I mention I broke my iphone that morning too?  Just wasn't our day.

We went to the gym and I caught this cute picture of her reading in the car.  She's sweet even when she is in a mood.

That day, Noah went and got our Christmas present to ourselves...a new TV! Ours in the living room is on its last leg, and just won't fit anywhere if we do end up getting an apartment.  This was a great deal and will just be so much better for when we do move.

Somebody thought the TV was for her though...she insisted Mickey was on.  Somebody want to come break the news to her that this isn't her own personal Disney viewer? :)


Tuesday was really the last day for awhile that we aren't booked up because of everything Christmas.  We went grocery shopping and did lots of playing with Nana.

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