Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Oh My Word(s)! (Part 2)

A few months ago, I did a post on how many words Emma Ramey had.  Little did I know that her language would just take off after that.  She is a little chatterbox now!  Just a few words (sentences) that she's added to her vocabulary...

Bye Bye (For the longest time, she said "Ding Ding" after this. We have no idea why.)
Tnnng (Means Supe)
Che-Che (Means Chiefy-Chief...my in-laws' cat.)
Ooohh (like a dog howl - means Hardy. :))
Mii-Me (Means either Mickey or Minnie...we're not sure.)
HEY __________!! (She says hey to everybody!)
Bye Bye ____________. (She says bye-bye to someone when they leave now.)
Ba-be (For her doll.)
Ummm (She stands in front of the pantry and says this when she wants a snack.)
Uh-oh (If anything bad happens - ever - this is said.)
Now (Like when she's finished doing something, she says "Now!")
Baa (Means bath...usually rubs her belly while she's saying it.)
Meal (Milk.  She also does this sign language kind of thing when she says it...almost like she's pulling her tongue.)
Nigh-Nigh (Night-Night)
I do (Means yes, when we ask her a question.)
Ba-Be (Blueberries - her absolute favorite.)
I ________ it! (Her first real sentence, she says "I did it," "I fix it," "I get it," etc.)
Ha-sha (Hot-shot...taught to her by her Poppa.)
Moh (more)
Chee (Cheese)
Up baaa (Means "up please" - I'm really working on her saying this rather than "Go Go Go" when she wants somebody to go somewhere, and this is how it comes out.)
Wa Wa (Means both water and Walmart - she begs to go when we pass it. :))
Ho Ho Ho and Sanna
Emmie (If you ask her what her name is, this is what she says.)

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