Friday, December 13, 2013

Five on Friday


I am writing this at one in the morning on Friday, because I have finally fully embraced my night owl tendencies.  I used to fight it - only to lie in bed for like 3 hours each night.  That's productivity time, people.

I've been staying up a little later each night and just having "me" time.  It's great.  I get caught up on blogs, I watch TV, I might stare at the wall…who knows.  But it's my time, and I've finally realized I need it to process the day.


Part of what I've been working on each night are these!

You might remember me working on these stockings last year…I just about had a nervous breakdown trying to get them done, realized the ridiculousness of stressing that much about stockings, and gave up.  But they are SO close to being done now.  I should finish Noah's before the end of the weekend, and I'm going to try to have Emma Ramey's done next week.  I'll put them together when we go to Tuscaloosa for Christmas!


These are the sad remains of my old iPhone screen.

Little public service announcement here - if you ever break your phone screen, do not (and I repeat DO NOT) consider fixing it yourself.  You will question your sanity.  After two nights of work and two shipments of parts, I have it working - almost.  The phone is reading the SIM card, but pretending like I have no service.  So I basically have a teeny tiny computer that used to be a phone, but doesn't call anymore.  So that's fun.

I'll deal with it after letting myself recoup for a couple of days.


We went to our town's Christmas parade last Saturday!  It was freezing cold and a little rainy, but Emma Ramey ate it up.  Here are a couple of pictures!

We also did a little bit of tree decorating the next day…

(This is what she did when I told her to show me her tongue.)


In case you needed a picture of a cute baby in a hat today…

After the cold parade Saturday, I realized I didn't have a single hat that fit her.  We bought this Tuesday and she has worn it every day.

Because, why not?

Happy Friday friends!

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