Monday, November 4, 2013

The Nursery Wars

Ok y'all - this is one of those posts where I need some help.

Since moving to Mississippi, we've really tried to get active in the community.  We're visiting churches trying to see what our best fit will be, and we've joined a great local gym that has a wonderful childcare facility.

One problem - Emma Ramey thinks we're trying to torture her when putting her in a nursery.

She just isn't having it.  I've gotten called out early every single time I've tried to put her in a nursery since moving here.  I always arrive to my poor baby, screaming her lungs out and crying big alligator tears.

Let me just say this - I KNOW I CREATED THIS MONSTER. This is my fault - I should have been putting her in outside childcare from the time we could leave the house.  Rookie mistake.  I'll know with the next baby, but for the time being, we've got to fix this situation!

So for now, the only people she will stay with are my mother, my mother in law, and me.  That gets tiring when one of those three is always 3 hours away.

I need your advice - who has been there and come out on the other side of this?  Any advice for us?  I've heard just stick to it and she'll get used to it, but I'm not so sure - and let me tell you, this "getting used to it" process is hard on a mommy's heart.


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