Monday, November 11, 2013

Our (Alabama) Weekend

We've been out of town this weekend!  It's weird to this after living there for so long - we were able to visit Tuscaloosa for the weekend.  We got to see family and friends that we don't see too often anymore.

We headed up on Friday afternoon.  We stayed in our house (which was really weird, by the way).  I was able to go grocery shopping by myself once we got there...and it was absolutely heavenly.  We caught up on our DVR once I got home.  Wild Friday night, I know.  We are party animals...way different than the night before LSU used to be!

Saturday we got the chance to tailgate with friends! 

Emma Ramey stayed for a little bit, until my mom and dad picked her up...they were itching to get their hands on her.

We had some "just us" time with our friends after that.  It was great for Emma Ramey to have time with the grandparents and great for us to have Noah/Leslie!

Sunday, we had lunch with my parents and headed home.  We had to re-clean the house for showings too.  A little update on that - we reduced the price on the house this weekend to (hopefully) get some more interest.  We're hoping to sell very soon - we'd like to move on to our home in Mississippi, and we really need to sell our Alabama home before that's possible.   Wish us luck!

Very fun (and surprisingly low-key) weekend.  It was a little strange to be back in our house, but kind of nice too...I miss that house!  I keep saying I'd like to just take it with us to Mississippi.

Happy Veteran's Day!  Thank a veteran today...and every day for that matter.

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