Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Makeup Essentials - Save or Splurge?

Ever wonder when to buy bargain makeup and when to splurge a little? This is a great list of what essentials to buy! http://www.lambertslately.com/2013/11/makeup-essentials-save-or-splurge.html


Note:  Thank y'all SO much for the advice on yesterday's post!  You have no idea how much it helped me and encouraged me. :)

Lately, I've gotten a little bit of a taste for nicer makeup.  I used to be el cheapo in the makeup department - but thanks to Viggle and their Sephora gift cards, I'm pretty well stocked right now!

There are some things I prefer to save on still though - those Sephora gift cards only go so far. :) Here's a list of my makeup choices lately!

Foundation - Save  I have tried so many nice foundations, but none really beat Revlon Colorstay Foundation.  It doesn't go on clumpy or heavy, and you can layer to build up color if needed.  It stays on all day and doesn't budge if you accidentally touch your face! (And, to apply, I use a Beauty Blender-type sponge that you can get for a fraction of the price of actual Beauty Blenders on Amazon.)

Concealer - Splurge  It seems like I went through a ton of cheap concealers in the past year and hated all of them.  I ordered Benefit Erase Paste - this is the Cadillac of concealers!  It will cover ANYTHING.  I've read reviews that some people have problems with it settling into lines, but I haven't had that problem.

Blush - Splurge  I have discovered Naked Flushed, and I never want to look back.  This is a blush palette that includes a blush, bronzer, and highlighter.  It does absolute wonders in highlighting your cheek bones and adding the perfect rosy color!  And one palette goes a long way - I've been using Naked Flushed for about a month and you can't tell I've even made a dent in it.

Eyeshadow Primer - Save I had a small sample of nice eyeshadow primer with my Naked Palette, and I can honestly tell you the Eyeshadow Primer from ELF is just as good...not to mention it's like a fourth of the price.  This is a must-have in my collection!

Eyeshadow - Splurge If you're read here at all, you probably know I'm a HUGE fan of the Naked and Naked 2 Palettes.  There are so many options for any look or any skin color.  It stays on all day, and the Naked 2 Palette comes with an awesome brush.  I've had both palettes for about a year and there is no sign of using them up anytime soon.

Eyeliner - Save I have tried lots and lots (and lots) of different eye liners - but I have yet to find one that goes on as smooth as ELF Mineral Eyeliner.  It is very blendable (a must for me), goes on so easily, and the tube actually lasts for quite a while.

Mascara - Save I used to be such a fan of Lancome Definicils Mascara.  I read a recommendation for Cover Girl Clump Crusher one day not long ago, and I'm telling y'all - it is really on the same level (if not better) than Lancome!  Not to mention it's usually around $4.99 for a tube (and there are coupons pretty often for it too).  I highly recommend this one!  I also got a tube of Rimmel ScandalEyes Retro Glam in my latest Influenster VoxBox that's great too...I still like the Cover Girl more, but this is a great alternative if you can't find it!

Lips - Save/Splurge I'm split on this one because I use a cheapie product that I love and a nicer product that I love.  For lipstick, I use Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Naked (noticing a trend here)?  I really love that entire line - it creates the most natural look.  For lip gloss, I use NYC Liquid Lipshine in Nude York City.  It is the perfect complement to the Naked lipstick, and I swear it tastes/smells JUST like cupcakes!  I got this one in an Influenster box, but I think it's pretty readily available at drug stores.

What are your favorite products?  Am I missing out on anything?

And check out my hair essentials post for more info on my favorite hair products!

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