Friday, November 15, 2013

(A Very Random) Five on Friday

I haven't done a Five on Friday in a few weeks...I thought I would do kind of a brain dump today!


Eight years ago today, I had the worst test of my college career.  I was stressed afterwards, so I went to a Tuesday night swap (something I probably wouldn't have done on any other Tuesday) for my sorority to take my mind off of it a little.

At that swap, there was a guy in a Lacoste visor and a pink plaid shirt (I will never forget).  He caught my eye, and we got to talking.

This is the FIRST EVER picture of the two of us, taken that night.  HOLY COW LESLIE, BRUSH YOUR HAIR.  But I do still love this picture, even though that chick on the right just hopped aboard the hot mess express.

Happy (not really) dating anniversary to my best guy!!


I am actually kind of loving being back in the gym.  I'm going 3 days a week now for about an hour - nothing big, but I'm already seeing a difference in my energy.  I always do this - I hate getting started with working out, but once I do, I love it!

Emma Ramey is doing SO much better in the nursery too.  She hasn't even cried when I handed her off the past couple of times, and she has been playing when I came back (instead of hyperventilating and clinging to an adult).  I'm so proud of her!


I put this on Instagram a few nights ago, but I had to share it on here too, because I think it's hilarious.  Every night, when we put Emma Ramey's pajamas on, she has the left arm rolled up within 5 minutes.  Only the left arm, and only pajamas.  We think it has to do with sucking her fingers on her left hand, but who knows the real reason. :) (And yes, it's her left - my phone took a mirror image.)


How mischievous does this munchkin look in this picture?

This is what happened when I told her to look at the camera and say cheese.  Such a mess. :)

Her personality has come out SO much in the past few weeks!  She has so many new words, and is an absolute parrot now.  I need to do a post just on what all has happened in her little world soon!


We went to our local library's story time was awesome!  There was an exercise time, several books, and a little craft.  I met a few stay at home parents in our area, which was great.  We have a play date with one next week even!

I'm not going to lie, moving to a place where you know nobody (except family) can be a little nerve-wracking.  But I finally feel like we're getting out there and meeting people...the days seem a little shorter and I feel like this is becoming a much better place for me and for Emma Ramey!  We loved it when we moved, but we're loving it even more now.

I have a really fun post coming Monday...stay tuned!

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