Tuesday, October 22, 2013


If there is anything this season of life has taught me, it is that simplifying is not necessarily a bad thing.

Moving (and living with Noah's parents) has definitely made us downsize a little.  Most of our belongings are either still in the Tuscaloosa house (for staging while we're selling the house) or in storage.  We are basically living with the essentials right now - just a few pieces of clothing, some toys and baby things we need for Emma Ramey, and the toiletries we use daily.

And you know what?  It's kind of great.  We're really enjoying living off of the minimum right now.  For one, it's making me worry a little bit less about my surroundings being perfect, and a little bit more about the people around me being happy.  It's also teaching me what's important and what I really need.  It's really pushing home the fact that we don't need to surround ourselves with things to make us happy - the people around us do that.

There's lots more I have to learn about simplifying.  I feel like this is going to be a great opportunity to enjoy the holidays this year.  Last year, I was so worried about making the surroundings perfect for Emma Ramey's first Christmas - and, I'll admit, it was stressful.  I'm looking forward to having a more simple Christmas this year, that doesn't so much focus on what the things around us look like, but what we do with the people we love.

My friend Erin is in the middle of a great series on Creating White Space right now.  It emphasizes the fact that it's not about stuff - it's about what you are doing with your time, your space, and your energy.  Quality over quantity, if you will.  It's about de-cluttering your mind and your surroundings.  I've been really inspired by it in this season of life.  Erin's family has just been just been through a similar situation - living with family while creating their home.  I'm hoping I can handle this season as gracefully as Erin has.

It kind of blows me away how blessed we've been with this opportunity.  Not only are we in an area that we love, but Noah has an incredible job, and we have the chance to spend lots of time with family right now.   There will be lots of time in the future to worry about buying a home and making it ours - right now, we concentrating on us, and it's just been amazing.

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