Friday, October 4, 2013

Just Thursday - Mississippi Style

As you might imagine with the big move, life has changed a little bit over the past couple of weeks.  We are currently living with Noah's parents until we can find a more permanent arrangement in Mississippi...which definitely changes up our day-to-day a little.  Noah's mom is home with us all day, so I have a TON of help with Emma Ramey.  It is incredible!

Here is an example of our current day.  This is what we were up to yesterday!

7:15 - Noah leaves for work and wakes me up when he goes.  I get up, eat my breakfast/drink my coffee, answer a couple of emails, and watch the morning news.

8:30 - Emma Ramey is up.  She eats breakfast (muffins, strawberries, and eggs).

9:00 - Playtime for Emma Ramey!  Her Nana plays with her while I get a little bit of work done.

9:30 - I join in on the playtime.  Emma Ramey watches a little Disney Junior and "cooks" us both something on her favorite today at Nana and Supe's house - her play kitchen.

10:00 - I take a quick shower and get ready for the day.

10:30 - Nana heads to Bible Study, and I finish getting ready.  Emma Ramey sits on my bed for a few minutes, watches Mickey Mouse ("Mi-Mi") in the living room for a few minutes.

11:00 - We have Mommy/Emma Ramey play time.  This is mostly Emma Ramey jumping on the couch and me attempting to button her outfit (why are those things so stinkin' hard to button?).

11:20 - We leave to meet Noah's mom and Noah for lunch!  We were headed to an event downtown that hosts live music on Thursdays, but it was SUPER crowded when we got there.  So, we went to another little place not far from there that has a terrace.  We sat out there and listened to the music - win/win!

1:00 - Emma Ramey, Nana, and I head home, and Noah heads back to work.

1:30 - Emma Ramey was SUPER fussy.  I'm trying to stretch out her nap a little bit more, so I gave her until 2 before it was naptime for her.

2:00 - Emma Ramey goes down for a nap, and I check emails/play around on the computer for a few minutes.  We watched the news of the attack in Washington and caught up on Tropical Storm Karen (we're in south Mississippi, so we have to start paying attention to these things).

3:00 - I attempted to lay down myself - most of the time, I'm working during nap time, but I was tired for some reason.  Of course, that Diet Coke I had with lunch didn't let me go to sleep, but it was nice to rest...something I didn't get to do in Tuscaloosa a whole lot!

3:45 - Emma Ramey's up from her nap.  She gets a snack, plays outside for a little while, and talks to Nana and Supe's neighbor (who she LOVES).

4:00 - Nana and I follow Emma Ramey around the yard for a little while...she loves to circle the house.  She swings and slides.  The girl loves this place!

4:30 - I head inside to start dinner.  I am trying to help out as much as I can around here, and cooking is just one way I can do my part!  We had Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joes (great recipe!) and french fries.

6:00 - Daddy and Supe come home!  Emma Ramey's copy of The Little Mermaid came in, so we watched that during dinner.

7:00 - Supe, Nana, and Emma Ramey head outside, and Noah and I watch a little bit of Thursday night football.  They come in a few minutes later and give Emma Ramey a bath - Noah and I get some "just us" time!

8:00 - Emma Ramey plays for a few minutes after her bath, then goes to bed.

8:30 - I get some blog design work done while Noah and my in-laws watch TV.  We all headed to bed early this night - about 9:30.

So, basically, life is pretty great right now. :) Everybody wins in this situation - the grandparents are getting a ton of Emma Ramey time, Emma Ramey LOVES it here, and I have a bunch of help during the day!

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