Friday, October 11, 2013

Five Happenings From Our Week (and a Giveaway!)


We are absolutely loving life in our new town!  We went downtown yesterday for lunch - there is a concert series that raises money for a local arts organization that features live music and brown bag lunches on Thursdays.

They have live jazz/big band yesterday and was a ton of fun!

Emma Ramey clearly thought so too...she clapped and danced the whole time. :)


Yesterday was Hardy puppy's birthday!  I'm the worst puppy mom in the world - it totally slipped up on my this year (not that we're busy right now, or anything).  My mother in law mentioned it yesterday morning - oops!

We dropped by the store on the way home yesterday to pick him out a couple of goodies.  Emma Ramey picked out this monkey for him - and promptly claimed it as her own, with full-on screaming when I took it away.  So you can see she's doing so well with giving and sharing.

But once she gave it to Hardy at home, all was well.  He got treats too!


Have I mentioned my child is a jumping fool?

The grandparents bought this for their house last weekend, and she BEGS to get in it now.  She jumps, flips, and falls like it's her job.  

I see gymnastics classes in our future!


We keep going back and forth about what we want to do for a permanent housing situation.  The current thought - we're going to give Noah's job a few months to see where he falls as far as income (he's commission-based) before we make any big decisions.  We know we don't want to impose on my in-laws for more than a few months, so this probably means we will be apartment dwellers soon.  I don't know how I feel about this yet...there are pros and cons to it.

We are still leaning toward building though!  You can see all of my current ideas for the house (as well as the floor plan I'm absolutely obsessed with) here.  I'm just kind of pinning things as I see them!


Now the fun part for y'all!  Tori at Uniquely Yours contacted me a few weeks ago about partnering up for a fun giveaway!  

She makes the most adorable monogrammed shirts for kiddos.  She knew what big Alabama fans we were, and sent this precious shirt for Emma Ramey!

Isn't it cute?

Here are a few of the favorites I've seen (click on the picture to see them in her shop)!

And she has lots of other adorable items where that came from!

She is offering to give one reader a set of long-sleeved Thanksgiving AND Christmas shirts!  These will be custom designed and can be made for a boy or girl.  How fun!

Enter with the giveaway tools widget below.  I'll close this giveaway next Friday night and pick the winner next weekend.  Good luck! Lately on FacebookLeslie on TwitterLeslie on PinterestLeslie on InstagramLamberts Lately on Bloglovin'Email LeslieLamberts Lately's RSS FeedImage Map