Monday, September 30, 2013

Our Big Announcement!

For years, Noah and I have talked about where we wanted to raise our family.

I think everybody has a laundry list of things they want out of their surroundings.  Good schools, strong churches, and a family feel were definitely on our list.  Not to mention a place that just "felt" right.  Sometimes, finding everything you want in a place is a difficult job.  

Before Emma Ramey was born, Noah and I started discussing the possibility of moving out of Tuscaloosa.  We had a few places in mind, but because of job situations, we weren't ready to make the jump just yet.  It just kind of got pushed under the rug and we honestly forgot about the possibility with everything else going on.

Well, this past summer, something came up after a visit with Noah's family.  We talked about how much we loved the area where they lived, and how we both felt that this is where we needed to raise our family.  A few months ago, we both vowed that we would be there before the end of the year.

Of course, in the grown-up world, you can't just up and leave everything behind.  There are houses to sell, jobs to maintain and obtain, lives to pack up.  Moving out of state can be a long, drawn-out process.

But I am so happy to (finally!) tell y'all that Noah has been hired on at a fabulous job in our new town.  WE ARE MOVING TO MISSISSIPPI!!!

Many more details to come.  We are still in between towns right now.  As y'all probably know, we are still working on selling our home in Tuscaloosa, so we haven't completely moved yet.  But, we are slowly coming to call Mississippi home!
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