Friday, September 6, 2013

Fall Big Blog Sale 2013 (and Link-Up!)

Welcome to the Fall 2013 Big Blog Sale and Link-Up!  This is a chance for bloggers to get together and sell their used items, and for you to find a few great buys!
If you would like to link-up, scroll to the bottom of the post.  You can link up your blog posts, instagram/twitter account, Poshmark page, Facebook page, photobucket/flickr accounts...whatever platform you're using to sell your things!  Please make sure your sale policies (shipping, payment format, etc.) are visible somewhere in on the page so there's no confusion.
A few people have asked what you can sell...anything goes (within reason, of course. :)).  I'm definitely cleaning out my closet this time, but no baby items...we're holding onto those in case of another girl one day!  You can sell kids' items, adult clothes, home products...if you're willing to ship and it's legal to sell, go for it! :)
My policy:  I accept paypal for payment only.  Shipping is not included in the will be $2.50 for the first item and $1.50 for each additional item.  If you would like an item, comment on this post (no emails, please!) with the number(s) of the item(s) you'd like to buy and your paypal email.  I will sell these items on a first-commented, first-served basis.

If you have any questions about my items, please ask before you buy!  I'll be happy to provide measurements, extra pictures, etc...just leave your email!

My items will be shipped around Tuesday, September 17th.  I'll probably discount everything that's left a few days before that, so be on the lookout!
Please note: these are my policies, but not necessarily anybody else's that links up today.  Please see their page for their terms.  I cannot be responsible for ensuring anybody linking up will ship on time or their items will be as described...that falls on the seller.  Please contact the sellers with any questions on their items!
Here are my items!  All items are in excellent used condition unless otherwise noted.


1. Forever 21 Satin cocktail dress w/ bow. Size medium, 25" from armpit to hem.  New with tags! $10 (Retails for $20) SOLD

2. Brown taffeta cocktail dress (size 3) w/ rhinestone embellishment.  This is actually a halter tie-back dress.  Worn once and dry cleaned. $10

3. Express white sleeveless dress, size 5/6.  There is a little bit of discoloration around the top (it looks like makeup)...I haven't tried to get it out, but I think it'll come out fairly easily. $8

4. Forever 21 black satin cocktail dress with rhinestone embellishments.  Size Medium, 23" from armpit to hem.  New with tags! $15 (Retails for $29) SOLD

5. Size medium red and white flower dress.  This is a halter top too...MUCH cuter than it looks on the hanger. $8

6. Charlotte Russe Peach satin cocktail dress, size medium.  Strapless with tie-back and flower embellishment.  No tags but I don't think I ever wore this. $9

7.  Red satin cocktail dress, size 9/10.  Worn once and dry cleaned.  Slight bit of pulling inside, but not  noticeable on the outside. $8

8.  Zinc flower sundress w/ cream lace, size small. $5 SOLD

9. Forever 21 leopard print tie-back dress, size medium.  No tags but I never got brave enough to wear it. :) $8 SOLD

10.  Express sweater dress, size large.  Has a gold thread running throughout that makes it kind of sparkly (not in a tacky way, I promise).  Slightest bit of thread pulling on the back (could be fixed I think).  $7

11.  The Limited black/cream flower dress, size small.  Kind of thin (but not see-through), stretchy material. $7 SOLD

12.  Charlotte Russe satin dress, size 9.  Worn a couple of times. $6

13.  Forever 21 Black v-cut dress, size medium.  Material kind of feels like a business suit, if that makes sense, with a satin sash around the waist. Worn once or twice.  $7


14.  Victoria's Secret Tee Shop cotton shirt...I can't find a size, but I'm pretty sure this is a medium. Worn once or twice.  Velvet lining around v-neck. $3

15.  Loft sweater, size medium. Loft tag cut out of shirt (can't tell when wearing).  Kind of a wool material, very comfy!  Bottom would probably hit at about your pants line. $5 SOLD

16. Forever 21 White embellished shirt, size large.  Hole in one of the sleeves.  Very pretty embellishments...kind of see-though, but works great with a cami! $3

17. Ralph Lauren Classic Fit women's polo, size medium. Discoloration right next to the buttons (shown in second picture). $3 SOLD

18.  Loft Teal Tie-back shirt, size medium.  3/4 length sleeves, very soft! I might have worn this once. $9 SOLD

19.  Limited button-up sheer shirt, size medium.  $5

20.  Charlotte Russe crimson cotton shirt, size medium. $3 SOLD

21. Brooks Brothers women's performance polo, size medium. $6 SOLD

22. Rue 21 lavender embellished shirt, size small.  Tag is marked through (not noticeable when wearing), never wore this! $5

23.  Target-brand green flowy shirt, size medium. Worn once. $5

24.  I think this was Loft, but the tag is cut out.  Stretchy green material, size medium (fits a little small). $4 SOLD

25.  Ralph Lauren Classic Fit women's polo, black, size medium. $6 SOLD

26.  Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Women's Polo, bright pink, size medium. $6 SOLD

27.  Eyeshadow brand yellow cotton shirt, size medium. $3 SOLD

28.  Charlotte Russe cream sweater top, size large (fits a little snug).  Dolman sleeve, fits off the shoulder just a little...hard to tell with the way it's hung. $5

29.  Moda International (ordered from Victoria's Secret) mustard-colored bell sleeve top, size medium.  Material is on the thinner side (but very soft). Cute top...sorry it's wrinkled in the picture! $4 SOLD

30.  Tag is cut out, but I think this is Target brand.  Pink and cream sheer top, I'm pretty sure this is a medium that fits on the snug side. $5 SOLD

31.  No tags (except a price tag of $24), but I never wore this...beautiful lace and pearl top that would work great over a cami! Looks very high quality. $7


32.  Old navy size 8 linen skirt, with tie-belt. $5

33.  Forever 21 mint skinnies, size 30 (runs big). These are much greener/brighter than the picture shows.  Worn just long enough to realize they were too big for me. :) $7 SOLD

34. Refuge dark-wash jeans, size 9R (run small). Worn once or twice. $6 SOLD

35.  Loft Zoey Straight-Leg black pants, size 8.  New with tags! $11 SOLD

36.  X2 (Express brand) jeans, size 6 short. Very little wear. $8 SOLD

37.  Gap pleated skirt, size 6 regular.  Black material that has that same feel as a business suit (sorry, I don't know the name of it). $6


38.  Life is Good pink visor...$4

39.  Charger for Nikon D40 battery (I think it's good for other batteries too, just not sure what)...the model number is MH-64. $4

40.  Ok, don't laugh...doggie biker Halloween costume.  It really is ADORABLE...Hardy wore it Halloween of 2010 (I think there's a picture of him if you look through the archives).  He's probably 40-50 pounds and it fit perfectly! $2

Add-ons...sorry, I found these after I numbered everything and I'm too lazy to go back and change it all! :)

41.  Express stretch pink/black tube dress, size 5/6.  Black stitching is starting to pile just a little, but it isn't really noticeable. SO cute...much cuter than it looks on the hanger, I promise! $8

42.  Madison brand satin-like cocktail dress with sequins at the bust, size 8 (tag is starting to come out, but it isn't noticeable when wearing).  Bottom is a bubble's really cute!  Size medium, $8

43.  Forever 21 cotton brown/cream striped sundress, size medium. Little bit of piling at the top. $6

44.  Luly K toile/flower print dress, size medium.  Very cute and fitted at the top! $7

45.  Rampage pink/black/white flower dress, size medium.  Kind of thin. $5 SOLD

46.  Brown leather Mary Jane's, size 5.  Very cute, just ordered the wrong size for Emma Ramey! Brand new, $6

Alright, what have y'all got?  Link up to your post/page below...please use the specific link to your post (if that's what you're linking) and not just to your main blog link.  When you link-up, try to describe what you're selling in the "name" section (who the clothing is for, what gender, what size, etc.)...that'll help everyone find what the need.

And one note - I noticed that a few businesses linked up their sale pages last time.  That's fine with me, but please put the word "business" somewhere in your link description if you're linking up your business page.

Here's a button for your page if you'd like to include it!


I can't wait to see what you're selling!

***This is also the last day for the Mommy and Me lucky reader is going to win over $200 in prizes tomorrow!***
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