Thursday, September 26, 2013

18 Months

My sweet girl -

You are EIGHTEEN months old today!  That's a whole year and a half!

I haven't really done every month since you've turned one, but I thought this was a pretty big milestone.  Here's what you're up to right now!

You are 28.8 pounds at 18 months...that's still in the 93rd percentile for weight!

You are right at 33 inches now.  That's the 82nd percentile for height.

Clothing Size:
 Twenty four months and 2T fit just about perfectly now.  You could probably wear 18 months in pants, but there are so many sets that we just size up on those too.

 You're really in a size 4, but we've been squeezing you into 3's for the past few weeks to try to use up the last few we have. :)  Going through 4-5 a day now.

You are pretty much feeding yourself completely independently now.  You eat breakfast at around 8-8:30; lunch at about 12; and dinner at 5:30ish.  

You love anything carby - especially bread and pasta.  You like fruit and veggies that are on the softer side.  Green beans, bananas, watermelon are your favorites.  Meat isn't really your thing, especially chunks (which is funny, because that was my #1 aversion when I was pregnant with you). 


Still rocking those gorgeous blue eyes!  You have SO much more hair than you did in my last update.  There's enough to clip a bow into now!  It's definitely blonde (although we figure that will change eventually), and you probably have twice as much in the back as the top...seriously.  It's curly in the back too, so you have one awesome mullet. :)

Bedtime is now 7:30.  You sleep through the night almost all the time...every once in awhile a nightmare will wake you up around 9-10.  But besides that, you sleep until about 8 each morning!

You also take a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoons.  You usually go down for that about 1, give or take 30 minutes.

Even though you are still a fabulous sleeper, you have FOUGHT going to sleep lately.  You would think I was torturing you at nap time and bedtime the way you scream.  You're asleep after a minute or two, but those couple of minutes are rough!

Fun Stuff:
-You are SO chatty lately!  You have so many words now - your favorites are Dada, Mama, Nana, Papa, bow (pronounced BOOOWWWW), bowl (pronounced similarly to bow), Ha (Hardy), Hey, Bye Bye,  and nak (snack).

-You are WILD.  I think your favorite thing in the world is to jump on our bed.  You turn flips, climb, bounce up and down, and hang off of things.  You got a pretty gnarly cut on your head a few weeks ago doing this.

-You're a little bit of a TV junkie.  You BEG for it if the TV isn't on! Doc (Daaa), Mickey (Mi-Me), and Jake are your favorites.  And you're not afraid of finding the remote and shoving it in my face if you don't like what's on.

-When you've done something wrong and I get onto you, you smile and keep doing it 99% of the time...but every once in awhile, you'll look SO ashamed and like you're about to cry.  It breaks my heart!

-You can tell us where your ears, eyes, nose, mouth, feet, and belly are.  You also know what a duck (cak cak), cow (mmmmm), bird (teet teet), pig (on), and bunny (hop hop) say.

-You've gotten a little bossy. :) If you want me to get up from sitting, you push my leg and say GOOO. And if something isn't going your way, you let us know it.

-You can clap, "snap" (just putting your fingers together), and pat on your belly on command.

-If something hurts you or makes you mad, you run up and hit it.  We've got to work on that one.

-You will NOT keep a bow in your hair.  You ask for it (very loudly) sometimes, but you'll rip it out as soon as I put it in.  I can occasionally sneak one if you don't know you're wearing it!

-You can "give love" (go up and put your head on something/someone) do this about 5 times a day when you do something ugly to Hardy. :)

-Just like you always have, you still suck on the index and middle finger on your left hand when you're sleepy, hungry, or upset.

-You LOVE the outdoors!  We, at minimum, get out and play every day...we usually try to go for a walk too.  If we're stuck inside, you fuss and hang on the window.

-You have an obsession with cats, which I think is hilarious (Daddy hates cats with a passion).  I keep telling him we're going to have to buy you luck so far.

-Your new fun habit: going up to someone, yelling "BOP!", and hitting them.  I'm trying to discourage it, but it takes everything in me not to laugh.

-My bathroom is your favorite room in the whole house!  I think it's because you love playing with all of my junk.  There is usually always something from the bathroom scattered in a random place in our house.

We love you to the moon and back Monkey!

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