Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sponsor Love - August

Happy August everyone! I'm so glad to have a few of my favorites back for sponsorship this month!

***Just a note: I'm looking to start filling a few of the Regular sized ads this month - so, from now until Sunday (8/4), you can use the code LLRegular5 to receive a regular spot for $5!  No limit to how many months you buy.  This is normally a $15 spot!  You can purchase here.***

Rodan and Fields - Melanie Gould

So excited to have Melanie back with us this month!  She introduced me to Rodan and Fields' skincare regimen - and I am officially hooked!

Here's what Melanie has to say...
"I am extending an invitation to be a part of a new Revolution - one that clearly redefines business and how we build it in 2013. Thousands of men and women are seizing the opportunity to partner with a global brand and build our own businesses from home. Vacation money. Savings for Retirement. College Funds. Or retire your spouse and mortgage income. In sweat pants and house-shoes. While sipping coffee on the couch. While juggling toddlers and running to junior league games. Wherever. Whenever. All you need is a cell phone and internet! We are a company founded by the most famous Dermatologists Drs Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields. Our products do what they say they are going to do - create huge and lasting results. Its a franchise, but without the big investment or long wait for a return on that investment. This virtual business allows you to recruit anywhere in the US. We are breaking into Canada in January which is our first Global Stop! If this peaks your interest lets start a conversation - why not you, why not now?"
Melanie also has a discount for y'all! You will receive a 25% discount if you sign up to be a preferred customer in the month of August. You already receive 10% off and free shipping, for that is a total of 35% discount and free shipping. Everything comes with a 60 day money back guarantee - if you don't love the products they can get a refund!  Email Melanie for more details.

JV Clothiers

 It's the perfect time of year to check out JV Clothiers!  They have the most precious shorts, belts, and polo shirts featuring some of the biggest colleges out there (including my beloved Alabama).  What little boy wouldn't look perfect in these outfits for football season?

They are offering free shipping for any order over $75 - see what they have for you!

Juliethefish Designs

Julie is bringing us several new and gorgeous items this month! You can find everything from necklaces to keychains in her new items section.  I especially love the sterling silver infinity necklace she just rolled out - so personal, but makes a huge statement!

You can see all of Juliethefish's selection here!

Jennaration Boutique

Just in time for football season, Jennaration is rolling out these PRECIOUS gameday outfits!  And there's more where that came from - I just ordered the cutest crimson/white chevron dress from Jennaration.  There are also lots of cute fall items rolling out every day!

Check out their site for more precious clothing!  And Lamberts Lately readers get a 15% discount on everything at Jennaration - just use the code LAMBERTS15 at checkout for your discount!

Dasani Drops

 Ok, not directly a sponsor, but Influenster did provide these for me to try this month!

We had the opportunity to try Cherry Pomegranate and Pink Lemonade flavors.  They are absolutely delicious!  We are trying to drink more water around here...but I'm sure y'all know it gets boring after awhile.  This is a great way to step up your water!

I really prefer the liquid flavor drops over powder flavoring...not only is it easier to mix, but it seems like it stays fresher longer.  It's incredibly easy to use on the go...making drinking your daily water even easier!  Thanks to Influenster for my chance to Flavorfy with Dasani Drops!  You can find more info about Dasani Drops on their facebook or twitter pages.

Ponds BB+

This was another product that Influenster gave me the opportunity to try this month! I've really been wanting to get in on the BB/CC cream craze, but haven't known which brand was best.  I have been more than impressed with Pond's BB+!

This formula contains a Tone Perfecting Complex that visibly fades dark spots.  Not only does this provide a light, gorgeous coverage, but it actually evens skin tone in about two weeks!

I have enjoyed using it so much during the summer.  I don't like a super heavy coverage this time of year, so Pond's BB+ was perfect for that.  It's almost like a lotion that just provides a bit of tint to immediately even your skin tone, and a great formula for providing long-term gorgeous win!

You can visit Pond's Facebook page to learn more!

Thanks so much to all of my August sponsors!  And don't forget to check out Create It Thursday for the week - it's still running, with over 150 entries so far!