Friday, August 2, 2013

Five Pictures From Our Week

I thought for this week's Five on Friday link-up, I'd share 5 pictures from our week! (If you follow me in Instagram, you've probably already seen these...I apologize!)
1.  (Let's pretend like this is just 1 picture, ok?)  This child.  She had macaroni and cheese for lunch one day this week, and decided to smear it IN HER HAIR.  Like, pieces of macaroni in her hair.  And of course she thought it was hilarious.  What am I going to do with her?

2.  We've also been with the dreaded teething this week.  I think she's getting 1 or 2 eye teeth - and they are rough.  She'll be fine one day and just a mess the next.  I've been getting lots of extra snuggles though!

3.  It is officially FOOTBALL MONTH!! I wasn't super ready until we watched the SEC championship a few nights ago - that'll get you there. :)

4.  Thanks for those of you who asked about Noah Tuesday - he did great!  It took him a day or two to feel normal, but he's back at it now.  Of course his favorite doctor took care of him.

5.  And last but not least, this just pretty much describes Emma Ramey lately - random.  She found this in the car Wednesday and decided to wear it home, while she played with the unfrozen popsicle.  Like I said, if y'all know what to do with her, please let me know. :)