Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday - My Top 5 Football Memories

A lot of people were doing a Throwback Thursday in Instagram of their favorite football memories this I thought it would be only fitting that I made my Five on Friday a walk down my football memory lane!

For years, I had been imagining my baby's first football game - what they would wear, what we would do, if they would like it or not.  This child loved it. :)  I'll never forget the cute little SheSheMade outfit she had (I think I'll save it forever) or the awe in her eyes at the big green field on TV.  She was adorable!

2.  Our Stock the Bar Football Shower

For years, we've had a great group of friends that we tailgate with.  We've been through a lot with this group!  When Noah and I got married, they threw us a stock the bar shower right on the quad.  It was perfect and oh-so-Alabama-themed.

The first time (in our adult lives) that we went to the national championship, it was across the country.  We had two options - go and potentially lose the game, or take an Alaskan cruise for the same price.  We chose Alaska.  Of course we won and regretted the decision.

So fast forward two years - it was 4 hours away, and we were there. :)  We didn't go to the actual game (once we found out we could pay a couple months of our mortgage with what we would pay), but we were in New Orleans for the experience.  It was tons of fun, and I'll never forget it because I was HUGE pregnant!

4.  "Dating" at football games

At Alabama, a football game is an always has been.  Guys and girls have dates, we dress up, and there are events before and after the game.  So getting to "date" my soon-to-be husband by going to Alabama games is one of my fondest memories.  Not that the games were all that fun then - we were bad.  BAD.  We joke that it just took both of us graduating from Alabama to get good.  But the whole experience was a blast!

Like I mentioned...we have a close group of tailgate friends that we've had for years.  They lost their Tuscaloosa house in the tornado in 2011, and rebuilt on the same site.  So not only was it special to "tailgate" at their new house, but it was Emma Ramey's first experience with the group!

I will never forget that little dress and bald head watching football that day. :) 

Happy Football Season!!!

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