Friday, August 9, 2013

5 on Friday

How much do we love 5 on Friday...mostly because that means it's FRIDAY!!

This is one of my more random 5 on Friday's.  It's just been one of those "nothing" weeks around here...but with a few sweet memories. :)
1.  My child was running around in just a diaper Sunday morning.  Apparently, at one point, she decided she needed to dress herself, ran into my room, got a dress, and "put it on." I took that as my cue I probably needed to put clothes on her.
2.  I love our house, I do...but there are just some things that make me go "why on earth would somebody do this?"  For example - for the 5 years we've lived here, we thought the whole house was one color.  We needed to do a couple of touch-ups before (what we thought would be) a showing Monday...this is what happened when we tried.  Three separate colors that are almost identical.  Who would do that?  And one of the colors needs to be replaced, but if (of course) a custom we are in the process of matching it, hoping it works.  Fun times.
3.  I have been on a total Pimento Cheese kick lately.  My favorite recipe has to be the most simple one - the one from Pimento Cheese Please.  Combine that with red pepper jelly and crackers - YUM.  I also had a club with Pimento Cheese on it this week, and I don't think I'll ever go back to the old way.
4.  If you live anywhere near Alabama, you know that it is humid as the day is long these days.  But we're trying to make the most of these days...I know I'll miss summer soon!  We've been getting out a lot and enjoying the backyard pool.  I think it's the best $5 we've spent all summer!

5.  Another great investment...Emma Ramey's new kitchen!  We got this yesterday.  She absolutely loves the one at her grandparent's, so I've been on the lookout.  We found a great deal on one of the Facebook Garage Sale pages and jumped on it!  She is in love.

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!

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