Friday, July 12, 2013

(The Start of) A Laundry Room Makeover (and a giveaway!)

I've always said that our laundry room is just the most blah room in the house. A few months ago, I talked about wanting to pep it up a little bit.

Well, that pepping up has finally come around!  When the people at Cherry Walls offered to send a decal, I knew exactly where I wanted to put it.
I had great plans for this wall.  It's always been really big and really just needed something.  So, my original plan was to put the monogram decal from Cherry Walls in the middle and 4 5x7" frames with laundry subway art around it.  I even thought about putting a shelf underneath where we could hang bags and coats.  
Then, selling the house happened.  Noah didn't like the idea of putting a million holes in a big empty wall, and I agreed.  I'm a little sad I didn't get to do the full makeover, but I think this decal still gives this room a lot more life (and is removable when we need to take it down!).
 Doesn't it do such a great job of dividing up that big, empty space?  The color goes perfectly with our paint color too!
 Installation was super easy...between the two of us, I think it took under 10 minutes.  Cherry Walls supplies you with all of the tools and instructions you need.
I am so pleased with the beginnings of our makeover...and who knows, I might just do the rest of those plans I had before we decided to sell. :)
Guess guys have a chance to win a $60 credit to Cherry Walls for your very own makeover!
Enter with the Giveaway Tools Widget below.  I'll cut off entries next Friday night and pick a winner that next week.  Good luck! 

Don't forget to get your questions in too...I'm answering those next week!