Monday, July 29, 2013

Our Monday

It's been awhile since I've done one of the "Day in the Life" posts...I thought I'd document our Monday!  I always have a "this is boring" disclaimer on these posts - I realize this is a total snooze-fest post to most people, but I like to remember our normal days. :)
9:00 - Emma Ramey and I wake up...just being honest. We've gotten in a BAD habit of sleeping late that I've got to fix.  Noah had been up for awhile working - he got Emma Ramey up and fed her breakfast (her normal - an egg and a banana).  I woke up and fixed a smoothie.
9:30 - I sat down for my Monday morning tradition - making my grocery list!  Emma Ramey watched a little bit of Disney Junior on the iPad while Noah worked.
10:15 - It was a gorgeous day - so we decided to get out and enjoy it!  I filled up the kiddie pool for Emma Ramey.  The girl loves water!
I sat in the chair beside her some and played some too.  We put the slide in the pool and she LOVED it.
11:30 - We came in for lunch.  Emma Ramey had a couple of graham crackers, blueberries, broccoli, mac and cheese, and hot dogs.  Yes, she ate all of it! :)
12:30 - We headed back out for a little bit more pool fun.  It was starting to get hot, so we didn't stay long.
1:15 - We come in, dry off, and change clothes.  Emma Ramey runs around the house like a crazy woman for a little while. :)
1:30 - Emma Ramey's down for her nap.  I play on the computer for a few minutes, have my lunch (General Tso's chicken and noodles), finish up and email out a few blog design proofs, and get a shower. 
3:30 - I run errands.  One advantage of Noah working from home right now - I can leave Emma Ramey at home napping while I get some things done on my own!  I picked up a prescription, made a quick grocery trip, and even had a chance to get myself a Diet Coke. :)
4:30 - Kind of a different day for us - Nana came in town!  Noah has been having some minor stomach issues, and just as a precaution, he's having a colonoscopy and endoscopy tomorrow.  I have to be there the whole time, and having a toddler in a waiting room is no fun - so my mother in law came to keep her!
5:00 - Emma Ramey eats - spaghetti with tomato sauce and alfredo sauce.  Not a fan.  She had a pretty big lunch, which usually means she has a smaller dinner...but she was exceptionally picky tonight.  I finally gave in and gave her a few grapes, and of course she inhaled them.
5:30 - Nana and I had dinner (Noah can't eat today).  We had the same - we were a little less picky about it though. :) Naturally, we had a baby begging for our food the whole time.
6:00 - We head back out to the pool.  All of the adults sat around Emma Ramey while she played for a little bit longer.
7:00 - Emma Ramey gets PJ's on, and we play for what we thought was going to be a little bit longer.  She had other plans - girl was WIRED.
8:00 - We watch a show I normally don't have anything to do with - Bizarre Foods.  This episode was filmed in Birmingham though, so we thought we'd give it a try.  Still gross.
Emma Ramey runs around the living room the WHOLE time.
9:00 - I finally make the toddler go to bed.  I clean the kitchen and we all pick up a little. 
And that brings me to right now. :)  Happy Monday friends!  And like I said, we're not worried about tomorrow at all, but if you could spare a prayer for Noah around lunch we sure would appreciate it.