Thursday, July 11, 2013

Insta-Pictures - June

Sometimes I'm so much better at chronicling our everyday on Instagram. Here are a few (kind of random) shots from the month of June...just a few days late!  Sorry if you already follow me over there - this post will be kind of redundant.  But it captures our month pretty well. :)

Date night!  This was towards the beginning of the month.  My parents had Emma Ramey and we got a relaxed dinner!
We had popcorn one night, and just accidentally left the bag out on the table.  After Emma Ramey finished a full breakfast, we found her sneaking a few bites. This child...
My sweet baby, loving on her baby.  She is such a Little Mommy!

One morning, she decided she was going to clear out her stuffed animal basket and watch TV in it. :)

Think she enjoyed her lasagna for dinner?

At the grocery store, wearing her green for her buddy Will!

I've waited 15 months for this one - she finally has enough hair on top of her head for a bow!  It only stays for about 10 seconds, but I'm counting it as a win.

Helping me pack for the beach...even Emma Ramey's getting in on the statement necklace trend.

In Mississippi...getting after some corn on the cob!  She loved it!

At the beach...she was clearly ready to start the day.  Daddy clearly was not.

Hanging out on the beach with my girl!

Another family beach picture. :)

...and the inevitable beach unpacking.  The least fun part.

Betcha can't guess who figured out how to take the top off of her snack cup.  Needless to say, our snack cup days are almost over.

On the last day of June...flirting with everyone in Lowe's. :)